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I seem to be on a Tuesday posting streak. I just looked at my calendar and saw that, with this post, I will have posted for 5 Tuesdays in a row. But the streak stops here, because I won't be home next Tuesday, and I probably won't be thinking about posting, because as of 4 pm this afternoon, I'm FINALLY on vacation!

Only for 1.5 weeks, but whatever, I'll take it. I didn't mind working all summer, and I got a lot done, especially on projects I had no time to prioritize during the first half of this year, but I am really ready for this time off. I'm ready for a lot of things. I'm ready to make some changes and get motivated.

A few days ago, I signed up for a new choir. It's in Lund, and it's on Wednesday nights, when I rarely have other commitments. I haven't been singing for over a year now, since my last choir had issues with finding choir leaders after the first ones we had left for other challenges, and it was on Thursdays, when I often have other things booked on the calendar, like book group. And it was in Eslöv...I work in Lund, so I'm already there on Wednesdays and I can choose whether to run home and return or just stay a little late, eat something and then go to practice. And the choir is for everyone, and is a pop choir, which is what I like. I'm excited about it. It starts mid-September and goes until the beginning of December. If I like it, I'll continue in the spring. Yay for singing again!

It's kind of silly, but I've been watching Queer Eye and taking some of the things they have to say to heart. I've never seen the show before, never watched the original version that ran in the mid-2000s at all, not a single episode. It just wasn't on my radar, though I had heard about it, and we didn't have Netflix back then. It's fun and motivating, and I love the Fab 5 (especially Tan) and think what they are doing is really cool, even though it's a reality TV show, and I've never been much of a fan of the genre.

We dug up all of our potatoes a couple of days ago, because the plants were wilting and it was time. We got an excellent haul of 3 full bags, about 9 or 10 kilos. There are several yellow squash still on the way and some zucchini as well. And the carrots are about ready to come out of the ground.

My sister has been at my mom's house all summer, for 2 months in total. Her daughter was there for a bit, her son was there for a bit, and now MY son is there. And you know what? I wish I was there, too. I wish I'd been able to go spend time there this summer. I saw my mom for a week in Seattle, and I'll see my brother next week, but I haven't seen my sister in way too long. She's moving to North Carolina this summer (think good vibes for getting their house in Connecticut sold, please!) and it will be a new place that I have no visual of. I've never been to the Carolinas. She's moved a lot, and I've been lucky enough to make it to some of her homes. I think it really makes a difference to be able to visit someone and SEE their home, their space and see them in it when you live far apart. It gives you a surrounding to place them in, in your head, when you think about them.

Today, 2 of my friends and Karin took me out for an early birthday lunch. It's weird to think I have a birthday coming up in a few days. I haven't thought about it at all, really. Birthdays seem to matter less and less, especially when I don't really want gifts of THINGS. I'm trying to declutter and purge stuff we no longer need or use, so getting more seems stupid. I'd rather have to shows, things like that, things that feed the heart and soul. They gave me a gift certificate to a clothing store that I DO like and shop at, when I bother to shop, so that will come in useful at some point when I need something to new to give me a lift.

It's bizarre to think we're already 6 days into August. This summer sure went fast. I guess working most of it will do that for you. Kids are going to be going back to school here in another week or so. All of Sweden is coming back to work...our lunchroom was full again this week and will be even more crowded next week, I'm sure. When I get back to work on the 19th, I think pretty much everyone will be back, and we have new people starting on our team, to boot, plus a double office move looming (we have to move somewhere temporary for at least a month, because our new building isn't quite ready and new tenants are taking over our current one), so there are lots of things to anticipate and look forward to.

I guess change is inevitable and constant and one way to handle it is to roll with it so it doesn't just bulldoze you flat. Or you can choose to grab it by the hands and swing it into a dance instead. And sing while you're doing it.
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Happy to hear about a new choir- I know how much singing feeds your soul -hope it meets al your expectations and more. Change is definitely happening to all of us at times -although I fast learned to go with the flow and always look for the bright side of it -and I tried to develope that attitude in all my kids! Have a wondeful vacation- sure wishing I could be there! Love & hugs, Lizardmom

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