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Things I've learned from reading Smithsonian magazine today:
  • Every year the U.S. Federal government holds a Federal Duck Stamp contest for painters

  • The Tour de France turned 100 this year

  • Mummified pharaohs in ancient Egypt protected their toes with thimbles of gold

  • Robert E. Lee had tiny feet that he loved his children to tickle (not sure I wanted to know this)

  • Standing water in containers as small as a child's beach bucket or plastic car is enough to provide a breeding ground for mosquitoes

  • I have no desire, whatsoever, to ever visit Korea
Got some helpful advice from thesidhe (thanks!) and realize I need to hit the craft stores again for better glue and fixative. Then made the sad discovery last night that all my old tubes of watercolor paint and several ink jars have completely dried up due to years of neglect, so add that to the shopping list. Page 1 is nearly complete so after the current bout with glue dries I'll do some scanning and see what you all think. :)
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I loved living in Korea. Interesting place and very witty residents, too.

Re: Hongukton...

Really? I wouldn't mind some convincing in the other direction. I read the cover article of Smithsonian's June issue today and it was very depressing and negative. Lots about the conflicts. Terribly sad what they've gone through. I suspect I just don't know enough about the country or people to be objective.


Fun fact about Korea ... it's the most wired country on earth in terms of data, electricity and more.

Saw that you added me as a friend. I have reciprocated as well, provided you don't object.

Re: Kamsahamada!

of course I don't mind. :) I've read your stuff on Amerikanska, too. :) What does Kamsahamada mean? I did read in the article that South Korea has the most extensive broadband system in the world, and that over half the households have broadband access to the internet, compared with 16% in the States.

Re: Kamsahamada!

It is the phonetic spelling of Hello! How are you?! In Korean.

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