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I've taken all the Fridays in October off, and I'm really happy about it, though, to be honest, I could just as happily take all the Thursdays off as well. Except there is too much to do at work, so that would probably just be more stressful than not. We're sitting in a really un-fun open landscape situation at work and it's really getting me down, so I'm squeezing every moment of satisfaction and relaxation out of my weekly day off that I can, including rolling over and going back to sleep, reading a LOT, and getting things done around the house as I feel like it.

I had a massage on Friday, for an hour and 15 minutes, which was divine. I think I could have a neck & shoulder massage EVERY day and it wouldn't be enough. I came home and did laundry and Karin stopped and picked up Thai food for us for dinner, so I didn't have to think about cooking. I had gotten cinnamon buns for dessert, since it was Kanelbullensdag here in Sweden. :)

Yesterday, Anders and I went and picked up the bureaus and night stands, and bought two bedside wall lamps. We stopped and saw his mom as well, since we were in the neighborhood, and now I have a date to take her shopping next Friday (with Karin as well). I was supposed to have dinner with Debbie and Camilla Friday evening, but it ended up getting moved to today, and then canceled completely because Camilla is sick. The furniture was all delivered in flat packs, so we have to assemble it all but we're putting that off until the room is painted. We're going to pick out the color on Tuesday after work as Anders has taken next Thursday and Friday off to finish painting it, so hopefully we will be able to move back in next weekend! (fingers crossed)

Other things I did this weekend: worked on AWC membership stuff, bought some throw pillows and 2 children's books by my favorite Swedish children's author, started a good book (sci-fi space opera), cleaned out the fridge, defrosted the freezer, caught up on John Oliver's show, talked to Martin for over an hour, went with Anders to pick up river rocks from a friend of his for the yard project he's in the middle of (yes, as well). The weather has been quite chill, but we had a lot of sunshine this weekend. My roses seem to think it's spring again, as they have started blooming madly. No complaints here!

Nothing exciting, but I felt like I accomplished a lot. And I'm posting, so even though it's a what-I-did recap, it's better than nothing, eh? I seem to have lost the knack of writing about anything substantial most of the time, but that's fine, as long as I'm writing SOMETHING. This week coming is pretty open...just choir on Wednesday, about which more later, and the trip to pick out paint. It's going to be gray, but WHICH gray is the question. Anders is color-blind, so EVERYTHING is gray to him. He argues that therefore I don't need to accompany him to pick out gray. He can manage that himself. :D I gave him the hairy eyeball for that.
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