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Our bedroom is done, apart from the closet, which Anders is working on now, and it's so nice it's like sleeping in a hotel room. We are really pleased with the result and it's amazing how paint and new furniture can spiff up a room! I have one more painting that is at the framer's now, but otherwise, everything is back in place.

I went to the same frame shop that helped with Martin's art back in March, and even though I was only there twice, once to drop off and decide and once to pick up the finished pieces, when I walked in on Friday, the owner came out of the back room and said, "Hej Elizabeth! How nice to see you!" ...pretty cool when someone remembers not only you but your name! He told me that my review of his business had really helped and that he's been basically super busy ever since. :)

The painting I brought in was a watercolor that Karin bought for me in Peru. It's tall and skinny and the painting goes right out to the edges of the paper and it's in bright colors. Really different, actually, than anything else I have, and I was struggling to figure out how to frame it and where to put it. But now I have the perfect spot in the bedroom, and because we have so many pink/purple details, I figured I could make it work. We found a beautiful wooden frame with a silvery cast and very thin strips of olive and a red so diffuse it looks pink and a matte board that matches our bedding, both of which pick up colors in the painting.

I took the photos with my iPhone and the colors are a bit off...the gray of the walls, which is a medium-dark slate gray in a blue-ish tone, looks completely green in most of them, due to the yellow tones of the light, but hopefully you get the idea.

Sov gott!
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