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This weekend was filled with family thoughts in many different ways. Because it was the weekend after Thanksgiving, which we can't celebrate on Thursday here in Sweden, it was also filled with the friends who have become family over the years.

I went to the annual AWC wreathmaking workshop on Thursday evening, and we figured it out it was the 20-year anniversary. Not a huge turnout this year, but it was fun regardless, and I was quite happy with my wreath. I don't understand why no one else takes advantage of the gold spray paint that Rosa always has on hand, but MY wreath is a little extra-blingy!

Friday, I took the day off and went to get my hair done. Afterwards, I picked up stuffing from one of the guests coming Saturday, so Anders could actually cook it in the turkey(s) this year, and then went to the grocery store for all the last minute stuff for the feast. But the friend with the stuffing warned me that she had been sick all week and while SHE was on the mend and should be fine for Saturday, her family was all coming down with the same thing. And by Saturday, they had to cancel so our count dropped from 23 guests to 17...which made one of the turkeys redundant, but it was too late, since it was already in the oven. So we have an absolute BOATLOAD of turkey leftovers. Anders made turkey quiche for dinner tonight (and put stuffing on top!), and I had a turkey sandwich for lunch, and we did send a huge pile of tupperware full of leftovers home to the sick family, but still: boat load. (Not complaining, just saying).

Saturday, most of the prep work was already done. We did some final cleaning in the morning, and then I set up tables and set them and decorated. Then we had to re-do them when the one family canceled because we suddenly didn't need one of the tables. Our guests arrived at 5 and we were sitting down to eat by 6 and it was really nice. My two best friends (with one's husband) stayed quite late, sitting chatting in the living room, while I restlessly roamed around the house cleaning up. I couldn't sit because I was SO FULL. :D

On Sunday, Karin moved out. She's sharing a sub-let with a friend, on an apartment in Lund, for 4 months. It's not the first time she's moved out, as she rented a friend's apartment for a couple of months this last summer, but this time she took furniture with her. And I spent a good part of Sunday sorting through Christmas ornaments, trying to separate out all of hers and Martin's, so I can send him his. That was a lot of empty nesting stuff to handle all at once. I have very mixed feelings about all of it. Martin has been gone for 2 years and who knows if he'll ever move back. He likes Detroit, and if he can figure out his life there, and find work, then he might stay forever. I can hardly complain, since I did the same thing to MY mom, but urk. Karin will be back in March, but she's heading out again next fall, most likely, for 3 years of university. So, that will be that, I suspect. What shall we do with the kid's department of our house? Hmmmm...

It's weird how this creeps up on you. Your kids are small for so long and then they're not, and even though it's not sudden, you're too busy most of the time to notice how time is passing. I was used to seeing them every day for so long, used to knowing where they were, and what they were doing. Now I have to rely on texts and sporadic phone calls with Martin and soon the same with Karin. She says I'm not willing for her to move out, and she's kind of right, even though at the same time, I AM. It's just weird.

And sad. And good.

But sad.

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