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It's been a week of vacation and I'm slowly getting used to not working, though I'm still checking emails and our ticket system because holy crap we have a lot of work right now, and I feel guilty for being a slug at home while my teammates are buried. :( It's no fun being off when you fee like you're leaving your team in the lurch. I actually went in to the office today for about half an hour because my boss organized a short julfika this afternoon. I brought cranberry-pistachio bark with me which was much appreciated. And I took my laptop home because doing a little work during the holidays is how I plan to make things easier for myself when I get back in January AND one way to give a little holiday cheer to my colleagues, hopefully.

Did you ever play elf? My sister and I used to do it once in awhile. It wasn't a Christmas thing and to be honest, I don't remember where we got the idea exactly...probably from Highlights Magazine...we'd sneak downstairs after my parents had gone to bed and clean up things. I suspect we didn't really do that much to make a difference and I don't really remember my parents' reaction, but it was fun to sneak quietly and do good and think we were being helpful elves.

Even though I've had the week off, I've had things to do. I've nearly finished my shopping...I have 2 things to get tomorrow and I need to just count stocking stuffers one more time. Everything that had to be ordered for shipping abroad or mailed has been. Yesterday and today, Karin came home and we've baked cookies. Not just the cranberry-pistachio bark...we made kolasnittar, chocolate chip cookies, iced sugar cookies and peppermint cookies, too. And Anders just made butterscotch candies to take to work tomorrow.

I've wrapped presents and cleaned house and run errands, and I've binge-watched a couple of shows: all of His Dark Materials that was out (1 more episode on Monday) and both seasons of Fleabag, which was EXCELLENT. And we discovered yesterday that Season 3 of The Marvelous Mrs Maisel is already out, so we started that last night. I can't remember the last time I watched that much TV! Then I have to decide if I want to watch The Expanse. The books were great, but the first one veered heavily into horror and reading it was probably as much as I can handle...not sure I want to see some of it live on screen.

Tomorrow I'm getting the last two things on my list and then meeting Debbie & Camilla, with Karin, for dinner. Karin and I might go see the new Star Wars movie on Saturday (she's already seen it; she went to the premiere) though she wants Anders and I to come over to the apartment for dinner and see her little tree. And Sunday I have another massage and design meeting with Emily. She's gotten the latest round of design suggestions for her logo, and we're down to three options. Two of them I am really happy with and the third is a variation, so whichever she ends up picking will be fine with me.

And then it's pretty much Christmas! It's hard to fathom that it's actually the end of 2019. A new decade awaits. How weird.
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