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Reading: Wilding—Returning Nature to Our Farm by Isabella Tree

Eating: honey-scented pork filet with garlic-roasted bacon

Singing: nothing yet! Starting a new choir hopefully next Wednesday!

Listening: my Spotify playlist, but I need some new music! Recommendations?

Editing: waiting on final feedback for the logo design for Emily

Drinking: really really cold ice water

Watching: The Man in the High Castle

Waiting for: my next Friday off

Looking at: Instagram

Enjoying: having a clean house

Feeling: like I need a kick in the butt

Finished: the Christmas stuff purge

Buying: new fabric for the dining room chairs, new shades for the floor lamps

Calling: my mom and Martin

Visiting: Anders' uncle Ingvar whom I haven't seen in ages

Wishing: we had had SOME snow this year...still not too late? Maybe?

Wondering: whether I want to push for being a Team Leader at work or not

Cleaning: out books for the media sale

Playing: Two Dots

Paying: for too many months of being a slug

Writing: this post
Tags: blogalicious
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