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I haven't written a thing, though I think about writing. Everything I could possibly write about seems trite in the face of what the world is facing. Any problem I might have is so overwhelmingly first-world that it would be embarrassing to write about it and to be honest, I don't have any problems like that. I'm fine. We're fine. Everyone I know is fine, so far. We've been on a rotating work-from-home schedule for 2.5 weeks and I'm officially halfway through Gilmore Girls and have no idea what I'll watch after that. Westworld season 3? Except how can I watch that without Martin, who is in the state with the third-highest count of COVID-19 cases? (he's fine. making face masks with a sewing machine, but fine)

Friday was April Fool's Day and I was working in the office when I got a text from my brother. A really long text, including two ultrasound photos of his upcoming DAUGHTER. "If this is an April Fool's joke, I'm going to come and kill you, closed-borders be damned." I wrote back and then I called him. Not a joke! It made me cry at the office, I was so thrilled and moved and happy for them, except OMG another baby and they're on lockdown and out of work and already have two kids and OMG. SO HAPPY though!

Then, to show our working-from-home teammates how much we missed them, we wrapped their desks, chairs and everything on them in plastic wrap with a note saying they'd been sanitized for their own protection, and April Fool's one day late! I laughed my head off for 15 minutes while wrapping things in plastic. They came in the next morning and vowed vengeance next year. Paybacks are hell! I'm not too worried...they'll have forgotten by then. And at this rate, we might all still be working from home then anyway!

It's been mostly sunny all last week but VERY cold and the past few days we've had hail showers while the sun was shining and then spitting rain. Today there are those big puffy sheep-like clouds in a very blue sky but it's breezy and still very chilly. The birds are wolfing down the birdseed; I can't keep up with them.

Next week is a short week and so is the week after that, due to Easter. Our boss asked us to make sure we had put in our summer vacation requests and I wrote back and told her vacation seems very meaningless right now. When you can't go anywhere or see anyone and you're already at home, having work to do at least helps break up the tedium. Not that there isn't plenty that we could do here, around the house.

Anders is planning on expanding the porch and the deck. We have the vegetable garden to prep and plant. I want to do a SUPER THOROUGH cleaning of the kitchen and bathrooms. And, there's always laundry. Oh, and taxes. There's always those, as well. I DID get my FBARs done and submitted already, though, so that's one stupid requirement to a stupid government that is done.

I finished a book yesterday which was about two people trying to survive and meet up again in an end-of-the-world story about America after the pandemics have rolled through and the grid has gone down and people are just trying to get by, and it was really good, but also really too close to home right now. I need something more escapist or upbeat now, I think.

It's obvious, I'm sure, that there was good reason for not bothering to write anything. More later, as soon as I ork.
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