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It's an extra-long weekend thanks to Easter holidays here in Sweden. We had a half-day on Thursday and Friday off, plus tomorrow. It's been sunny and warm and very Springy. Anders and I went to the nursery yesterday and bought a lilac tree to replace the dead bush in the front yard next to Clifford the big, red rock, and he planted it yesterday. Now he's finishing up the rock border at the front of the house. I've washed all the outside windows and done laundry and, I think, my US taxes. (I think, because the forms are all new and the instructions are confusing and god knows if I did them correctly).

Sweden is still not quarantining except at your own discretion though they are enforcing distancing measures and not allowing gatherings of more than 50 people. With the weather turned so definitely to spring, it's really hard to contain the Swedes and they are outside in force, enjoying the sunshine. The nursery was packed yesterday, though people were pretty good about keeping at least a wheelbarrow's length between each other in the checkout lines.

Karin had 7 friends over yesterday for movie night, all of whom spent the night. They all seem to be very unclear on the whole social distancing, self-quarantine thing, though Karin says this particular group is only hanging out with each other. We said hello and then watched TV shows in bed, after ordering pizza for them all. We don't have a lot of coronavirus cases down here in southern Sweden yet, so it all still feels a little far away, though the numbers are still rising and I expect things to change. The news everywhere is all coronavirus, all the time, so there's no way to escape it; it keeps its presence known in your head all the time. Theaters are closed, and nearly all events have been cancelled. High schools and universities are closed but daycares and elementary schools are still open. We haven't seen Anders' mom in over a month now, but I dropped off flowers and Easter chocolates for her on Friday and we've talked on the phone. We aren't worried, yet, just cautious.

I talked to my mom yesterday for quite a while and she told me that my cousin's business that my grandfather started and my uncle took over before handing it off to his son some years ago, is in trouble and if things in Michigan don't ease up soon, they'll go bankrupt. They make machine parts for big industry and are one of the only companies still manufacturing the gears and machinery in the country, so you'd think they'd be considered essential, but they're on reduced hours and who know what will happen.

Martin is still able to work, though his restaurant has been closed for dine-in for a month. He doesn't make as much money since it's all take-away and delivery services but at least he is still working and making SOME money. His roommate's mom is an ER nurse at one of the Detroit hospitals and Martin heard that she is being required to work 24-hour shifts. That's insane. How can healthcare workers manage on that kind of schedule? No one makes good decisions or works well when they're sleep-deprived and these are the very people we should be taking care of the most. :(

The neighbors' cat just came into the room to say hello. We'd already had a petting moment outside on the porch when I was out sitting in the sun. He's a large stocky orange tabby named Frasse, with the biggest paws I've every seen on a cat, but you can't have him in your lap because he kneads with his claws out. Ouch! Every time I pet him, I have to be careful to wash my hands before I touch my face, and I'm already feeling the onset of allergy season. Ugh.

If you are reading this...is anyone still reading this? I hope you are staying safe and spending some time out in the sun.
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