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3 things that made me laugh out loud last night while watching bad TV:

1. What is UP with Jay Leno's hair?! He looks like a reverse skunk.
2. Dana Carvey, doing a Dubya impression, said, "Jaysus, Obi-wan, put a sock in it," and the Swedish subtitles translated it as, "Beklagar, Obiwan, gnäll inte."
3. "You're either SWAT...or you're not." Tagline from the S.W.A.T. movie trailer with Colin Farrell. Well, DUH.

I didn't realize this, but I'm officially a baby boomer. I thought baby boomers were babies born at the end of WWII, that is, those born in the 40's and possibly the 50's. But a comment last night by someone I thought wasn't old enough to be a baby boomer made me go look it up and it turns out the baby boomer generation covers 1946 to 1964 so I squeaked in under the wire. Although, I guess when I really think about it, I knew I wasn't a Generation X-er. But I don't think I'd count my siblings in that category and they were born after 1964. Is there a word for those born INBETWEEN generations?

Anders just left to go ice skating with Karin and asked me to get Martin away from the TV and outside, since the sun is shining again. HA. Fat chance. I can get him off the TV but the odds on getting him to go outside are pretty damn slim. I can probably get him to help me start cleaning/organizing old toys and books in his room, though.
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And my comment, which has nothing to do with your post: I saw your list of recommended books on the AWC site, and I was wondering if you have Land of Laughs and whether I could borrow it please?

what?! you mean someone actually READ the website?! swoon! I may have to stay home tonight just to recover. hahha! I'll add it to the pile I'm bringing with me. :)

*laugh* Glad that something so small can make your day like that. :)

*smile* it's the little things that get me, every time. :)

And apperetly this past year, 2003
is a baby boom year.
We'll see how that will affect Alex whne he starts in school.

really? where did you see that? I thought it had to be a whole generation. Interesting.

She misunderstood: In Sweden, there was no war for the young men to come horny from, so there isn't a "baby boom generation" here like there was in the States.

There were a lot of babies, Alex inclusive, born in Sweden last year. I think it set a record

ah, okay. that makes more sense. :)

I didn't missunderstand your post,
I just wanted to let you know they say here in Sweden this past year is a baby boom year,
because a lot more babies was borned 2003 than the resent years,
just statistic.

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