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Anders is on vacation and so far, he's made an awesome start on his vacation project, which is redoing the entire deck and making the glassed-in porch bigger. In 2 days, he's already ripped out and removed the entire deck and the porch walls. Tomorrow he has a trailer all day to take multiple loads of wood to the dump, and on Thursday he's rented a container to remove all the sand that was underneath the deck. Right now, he's doing a side project: removing the stump of the plum tree. Not easy!

I am still working. If I can make it through this last week of work, I have three weeks of vacation ahead of me, with the disclaimer that I will probably do some work during it, regardless, especially next week, when there are only 2 people there, the newest person on our team and our freelancer. It makes me a little nervous. We've been non-stop slammed with work since the summer started and people started going on vacation...no dip in incoming jobs due to vacations, nope. In addition to handling all my own work, and keeping an eye on everything coming in for our team (as a first line of defense), I've also been covering for the entire illustration team, and have all my teammate's translation jobs, neither of which has been onerous, but has required emailing and coordinating.

Even with the directive to work in the office if you are not on vacation, instead of rotating, today was the highest amount of people on our entire floor so far: 8. It's VERY quiet. I spent some time today packing up the 4 cabinets of archives that we have. I still have to pack up my own desk and PC, but will wait until Friday. We are supposed to be moving to our new building the week I get back, in the middle of August, but we don't have a definite moving date or place/room numbers yet. We'll still be in open landscape, more's the pity, but at least it is one big room away from the traffic lanes. We'll be on the 7th floor. I've been told our floor is the best, as we have TWO terraces, but I have yet to see inside the building as access has been severely restricted. This is an architectural sketch, but it's basically exactly like this:

This is from the back:

Some time ago, I mentioned the logo and design work I was doing for a friend, and it's almost all done now. Her logo was finalized a few months ago, and I designed 2 flyers: a single page for digital use/download and a trifold for printing, and her business cards in both Swedish and English. Then my friend Russell and his brother Michael built the website for her, and her Facebook page. I'm really pleased with the results of everything. It was a challenging project, designing a logo and materials for someone who can't see them. I haven't heard yet if she's had a chance to review the online sites with her screen reader, but I think everything looks fantastic. Check it out: blindspot Wellness

In other news: Karin turned 21 last week. How is that even possible? She celebrated with a small-ish group of friends here in the backyard, playing beer pong and chilling on the deck (pre-removal). Our garden is doing pretty well...we've harvested lots of snap peas, and potatoes. I've had 2.5 kohlrabi. All of our carrots pulled so far have been weirdly stunted. We have lots of tiny artichokes, and I have (probably too) high hopes for them. And one of the tomato plants fell over during the windy week we had last week and broke, so I'm pretty sure the tomatoes that were ripening on it are a lost cause. I've written a to-do list for my 3 weeks of vacation that is full of things to clean out and purge. It's a really long list. I'm weirdly excited to get started on it (I've already crossed things off it that I got done last weekend, haha!).

I just heard a V of geese honking overhead as they flew by. Are they heading south already? Do they know something we don't know?
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