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Ermagerd, it's already August. How time flies when you're... oh, never mind. Time isn't flying, actually. It's moving, at least. All the things that I usually look forward to about the fall and the holidays feel very far away and unattainable right now. Everything is still canceled. Things are still closed. We're not seeing friends or going to parties. I don't know if anyone is planning on hosting a crayfish party this year, but even if they were, I'm not sure we'd go. We have no info about Karin's starting university in a...month? some weeks? We have no date and no info on school start, actual classes or not, or housing.

One week of vacation is done, and I have crossed off a ton of things on my to-do list, including lots of things that I keep adding to it. This was my to-do list at the start of last week:

It was actually only the TOP piece of paper but because I was squishing things in around the edges, Anders decided to help me out by extending it. Good thing he did, because I've filled most of the second piece of paper already as well (and crossed most of it off)! I've also WORKED a little bit almost every day, simply because there was still so much on my plate in addition to what I was covering for other people. And there are certain types of work that only I handle and I didn't feel comfortable leaving them for the newbie and our freelancer to do, so. But it's been fine. I've only worked a bit and only when I felt it necessary and it wasn't a burden or anything. I'm trying to do at least one of the things on my list every day and I am being a slug, too: sleeping in, walking on the treadmill every day, reading, and playing plenty of ipad games. I'm actually not watching much TV though Anders and I have watched a couple of movies. I just haven't been in the mood.

The AWC board decided to waive dues for our members for the whole year, since we don't know how long the restrictions on gatherings will last and we can't really organize or hold any meetings or activities. That includes new members joining until February, which is our half-year mark, and then we will reevaluate the situation and see if we need to start charging new members again at that point (which is only half-price anyway). We are also in the middle of a huge discussion about some major changes and it will be very interesting to see how that plays out.

The summer is half over already but it's still light plenty late into the evenings. Anders has gotten the entire base laid for the deck/porch and will start laying the deck tomorrow. I expect the deck will be done in 2-3 days at the pace he's keeping. The porch will be next after that, and he'll be reusing parts of the old one, so I hope it will also go quickly. It will be really nice to have it done, it's going to be awesome to have it all nice and new and larger.

Tomorrow's vacation agenda includes taking a picture to be matted/framed, taking 2 skirts to drycleaning because they're pleated and I can't deal with pleats, and probably working some, since only our freelancer is there tomorrow and Tuesday and she's going to be overloaded. Today we went to see Anders' mom (from the inside of her porch with glass between us) and I repotted a rootbound plant that desperately needed more room, so you can see, I am taking it easy. :D
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The cancellations are wearing on me as well. Or as you said, not being able to do things even if they weren't cancelled. My last race was March 7th, one week before I went into lockdown. Usually I'd have done maybe a dozen races by now, with plans all setup for the second half of the year. I'd have seen all my friends several times as well, which is the hardest part.

I never really see my co-workers since I normally work at home anyway but not seeing friends in addition to that is hard. Thinking ahead to birthdays, Thanksgiving, and Christmas is like watching a plane-crash movie while you're on a plane so I try not to think about it. Today is lockdown day 142. It won't last forever though.

Glad to hear Karin's news about school but sorry it's with such a chaotic start. I'm sure she'll do well anyway.


Well, I spoke too soon. She came home this evening and informed us She’s deferring for another year. 😕😑


Maybe not the best news since she's already deferred a couple of times but at least she won't be going back to school in this mess.


She hasn't actually deferred before...she has just extended her gap year and then extended it again. :) And she did take one course last year, and will be taking another now in the fall, just not the 3-year program in Växjo. But she plans on reapplying for next year's fall term, assuming that they will be able to actually GO and have classes there. She's already got 2 jobs lined up starting immediately so I'm not worried about her. Was just hoping she would get started on her degree. Another year isn't the end of the world.

From Megsie

Your "vacation" sounds productive!

We are having a graduation party (!) on Saturday. We were going to have a "drive-by" but Sarah had a mini-melt-down this past Saturday after going to a bunch of friends' parties. We will all be in masks, and hopefully our guests will be as well. It is really hit or miss what happens, but hopefully we will set the tone. Since this was a drive by until TWO DAYS AGO, we have been scrambling a bit. I am not having any tables for people to sit, and all food will be prepackaged. I have only been staying at these parties for about 15-20 minutes, and that is what seems to be typical. I am nervous about it, but it is hard to stay strong when literally everyone is not sticking to the drive-by thing. I will be glad when it is over and I have showered and sanitized everything!


Hi Liz
(Ok to call you Liz? Just checking your preference)

Glad things are moving ahead... Karin's plans, your vac. Though as I recall vac ends today? Wawa Still, during these covid times, movement is movement! Picture a complete still wideeee) river. Now, skip two stones across. Yeah, thats it. ;)

Things are slow here for me. Picture same wide river, no stones and heat rising temp- but if I stay still it ALL doesn't exist. ;) One thing I am thinking about is teaching conversational english online . I wonder what it's like? It would be bring me movement.

Good to read you. =) Hope your Sun is going swimmingly!

MaryAnn here again :)

P.S... Are you working in the office or at home? Glad you have had a productive vacation.


About time you had a vacation where you are actually participating in being there. even if it's only part time. I am still catching up on my reading here -and so glad you are still writing. I get a much better knowledge of what's happening with you and your family. I am supposed to be clearing out my house of what I don't need or want and packing up some stuff for moving (no plans or dates) expect Sarah will have to come back with her whip and orders!! :O
Guess this is the right thing to do, especially as the housing mkt is so hot right now (better than ever) but also just hard to do since I love this place. Karin made me nearly cry reading her message saying I can't do this and added crying emojis! But I sure understand her feelings. Now I had better stop taking a break and finish up the several cupboards I have half started! Love and hugs, Lizardmom

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