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I woke up with a headache and haven't been able to shake it all day, despite drinking lots of water, sitting with the neck massager and taking ibuprofin. It's still there, behind my eyes and at the base of my skull. Gah. It's been a very productive week; in fact, it's been a very productive 3 weeks (technically of vacation, but since I have worked almost every day I'll have to tell my boss I only actually took two weeks). I had quite a long to-do list when I started and I nearly doubled it during the course of vacation. Here is what I have accomplished, since, as I told my sister a couple of nights ago, I like making lists:
  • cleaned out the computer desk, hall closet, storage room, pantry, bathroom cabinets, laundry room cabinets and computer room closet
  • had a broken bracelet fixed
  • had a picture framed
  • washed all the sofa and chair and recliner cushion covers
  • replaced the playroom sofa
  • got Karin to do her FBARs and US taxes
  • got some things dry-cleaned
  • purged a bag's worth of books
  • mailed sheet and poster to Martin
  • repotted the monstera
  • organized the DVDs into plastic pockets, and cleaned out a huge box of old photos & negatives
  • cleaned out the refrigerator and defrosted the freezer
  • scrubbed the recycling bins
  • completed and mailed bank paperwork
  • updated the AWC website, started the membership renewal list and wrote a huge document of considerations on a project for the board
  • mopped all the tile floors of the house
  • had an eye appointment and ordered new glasses
  • ordered new deck furniture
  • bought new throw pillows for the sofa and a new kitchen mat
  • scheduled massages for Karin and I next week
  • walked on the treadmill nearly every day
  • had a birthday
  • did far too much of my day job even though I was supposed to be on vacation
  • went to Bosjökloster for a day with my best friends, and had dinner with them twice
  • visited Anders' mom, from a safe distance
  • read the book for book group, among others
  • watered the garden every night
  • deadheaded the roses and pelargoniums
  • picked fresh vegetables for our lunches and dinners from the garden: snap peas! potatos! tomatoes! carrots! kohlrabi!
In addition to all that, Anders has finished the deck! He laid the last few planks today. And he's done a boatload of yardwork, including weeding, hedge-trimming, and mowing. Tonight he's out kayaking on the river that runs through our village and tomorrow hopefully he will start on the porch. Just in case you think I have nothing left to do, here is the rest of the to-do list:
  • Make doctor appointment
  • clean up vegetable garden
  • dig out new vegetable garden (so we can double our production next year!)
  • clean out stones in space behind house
  • clip and repot all the jade plants in the kitchen
  • pay taxes owed for Martin
  • repaint the garage
  • deep clean in the kitchen: behind/under oven, fridge, freezer
  • request new stimulus check for Karin
  • plan where to plant butterfly bushes for next year
This is probably the least slug-like vacation I have ever had. I think I need a vacation from my vacation! But I have actually enjoyed most of it...I did it at my own pace with no stress and relaxed a lot inbetween things. One of my colleagues who I handled a request for a few days ago told me I was bad at vacations (and that I was her most valued co-worker). I laughed, but I can't decide if she's right or not. I don't think I'm constitutionally able to do NOTHING for very long. And I am quite pleased with the amount of stuff that I have crossed off my list and accomplished during the last almost-month.

Anders gave me a small circular granite birdbath for my birthday and we set it up in the yard, beside the trellis, in front of the big rosebush. It's so heavy that I can't even lift it. He said today while he was workiing on the deck that at one point there were 9 or 10 little sparrows clustered around and in it. Yay!

It's been beautiful weather the past two days, slightly cooler than the heatwave we had at the beginning of the week, when temperatures hit mid-90s. Now it's back down to low 80s, clear and sunny and very slightly breezy: perfect in every way. Even if I only have 4 more days before I have to officially start work again, and even though we have spent our entire vacation at home, pretty much literally, it's been fine. I do wish I could have gone to the States as we had originally planned at the beginning of the year, but it will be all the more anticipated for when we can actually go...whenever that may be.
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