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Distracting myself is a good excuse for writing here, no? It's election night and for over a week my FB and Instagram feeds have been filled with images of people with masks and I voted stickers, and the word VOTE spelled out in flowers, paper, paint, rocks, you name it. I have permission from my boss to "come in" late to work tomorrow in the event that I stay up super late...which is kind of stupid, considering the time difference and the fact that we probably won't know who has won before tomorrow at the EARLIEST.

People keep asking me if I think Trump will be reelected. How am I supposed to answer that? I didn't think he would get elected the first time! I went to bed that night 4 years ago, sure that he hadn't and woke up, like everyone else, to the unthinkable, and have watched the unthinkable become completely normal to the point where people are blasé about it. How can you be blasé about what has been happening for the last four years?? How can people still support him or think he's doing a good job?

I know that everyone's worldview is skewed by what they see...what channel they watch the news on, who they listen to, who they think is credible. But honestly, just LISTEN to the man for 5 minutes (and if you do, you'll have made it longer than I can)... he's a complete, raving, IDIOT who only cares about himself and his ratings and who can't even string a coherent sentence together. I just don't get it.

I don't care about Biden all that much, to be honest. I'm glad he ran, and I'm glad he has a great chance, and I'm glad to see the engagement of so many of my countrymen and women who have broken records in early voting and turnout this year. KEEP IT UP, people. Democracy is not a one-off. You can't just get someone decent elected and then sit back on your butt and think your job is done. It's NEVER done. It requires vigilance and work, just like anything worth fighting for.

You know, I never used to talk about politics. Because I didn't care that much, and the world moved forward in a progressive way without my needing to care...I thought. Now I feel like it's all I think about and all I worry about. That's not true. I worry about climate change and other things too, but it's all tied up together in a giant boiling political BALL. I don't WANT to think about politics. I want people to do the right thing! Make the right choices! Help their fellow man! How hard is it to be a decent person and want the best for your neighbors as well as yourself?

I used to think we all, as human beings, wanted the same things, but the past four years have highlighted very clearly that it isn't true. If it were, how could the things we've seen this past 4 years have happened? And not just the past four years...I know that horrible things happen constantly all over the world, and always have, but this is my lifetime, now, and now I DO care. Now I do see. I'm awake and I hope you are, too.
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