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What are you looking forward to? Today, I had some things pulled out of my anticipation bag and I'm feeling very sad about it.

My birthday present tickets to see Funny Girl at the Malmö Opera were just rescinded as they will only allow the first 50 ticket buyers entrance, and we weren't in that group. They're offering us a gift certificate for the ticket prices instead of reimbursement. We can pay 100 kronor (just over $11) to livestream it the evening we were supposed to go.

And we had an extra AWC board meeting tonight and during the discussion about what to do regarding end of year activities, it was decided to move our November meeting back online...which puts a crimp in the annual holiday cookie exchange, which normally takes place at that meeting. We had a spirited discussion about it because no one wants to give up the cookie exchange, but most likely it will also get canceled. We've put out a poll to ask members if they want to try postponing it (to mid-December or to next year) but I suspect most will choose to cancel. Our traditional julbord dinner at an elegant Malmö restaurant is also on the chopping block and I sent an email to the wreathmaking workshop organizer to ask her what she wants to do.

So, all the things I was looking forward to have either gotten the axe or are about to. I'm waiting one more week before canceling our Friendsgiving but I'm not expecting we'll be able to have it. I'm not even looking forward to Christmas.

I have one other get-together with my two best friends on the calendar...haven't heard yet if that will be shut down, too, but it's likely.

So, what is there to look forward to? I mean, apart from the obvious things, like a return to at least a semblance of normalcy, a safe and effective coronavirus vaccine and spring?

Not having to refresh the electoral college map every 15 seconds. Really looking forward to that, actually.

The winter solstice. It's not that long now until then and the light will start (albeit slowly) returning.

Book releases! I have several on my list that are being released in the next few months.

The possible moves home of my children (temporarily, at least, and with mixed feelings on all sides, but still)

How about you? What are you looking forward to?
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