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We're working on getting into the holiday spirit around here. Karin came home this afternoon; it's the first time we've seen her for any amount of time in nearly 3 weeks as she's been quarantining...two COVID tests, both negative, thank goodness. I've been getting Christmas shopping done...have my sister and her family sorted, and my mom, and my brother's family except for him. I have Martin nearly done, and Karin and Anders started. Pretty good work for a couple of days.

Karin and I went grocery shopping, and then brought all the Christmas decoration boxes into the house and got the advent lights set up. Anders still has to hang the stars, and tomorrow we'll decorate the house. The tree will be in another couple of weeks, though.

It's been a weekend for movies. I saw Greta yesterday; the documentary about her climate strike from the beginning. Even though I know the whole story and have seen a lot of the footage before as it focused a great deal on the speeches she has given at various summits and conferences, it was a fascinating look into her struggle to maintain herself as a private, shy person in an extremely public life, and her relationship with her father. I have her family's book in my Kindle queue.

Tonight, after dinner, (creamy crab nachos; Karin's choice), we watched 2 movies: first Bad Education with the always excellent Hugh Jackman and Allison Janney, and then Napoleon Dynamite which none of us had ever seen. Ridiculously funny in a very specifically weird way. Then Anders turned back to the regular TV and we got ensnared in the already-in-progress Mission Impossible: Fallout, which we've also managed to have never seen before. Good fun but I had to look away from an awful lot of the most exciting scenes because they all involved heights and were making my hands shaky. Eesh. So, that was three really good, REALLY different movies in a row, which was a nice change from all the sex, smoking, plot twists and drama of Mad Men which we've been watching for weeks, and now it's nearly 1:30 in the morning and I'm totally wired, but about to go to bed and try to wind down my head.

32 days until Christmas! It's nice to be looking forward to it again, even if it's with caution.
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