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We've had approximately ONE hour of sunlight in December so far. And in the past month, we've had a total of 24.3 hours of sunlight...spread out over 3 days. I looked at the weather app for Lund for the coming week and all it showed was clouds and rain. I'm guessing that even when the solstice comes, it will make no difference for the next couple of months. Normally this time of year we average around 52 hours of sunlight, which is still AWFULLY little. Seems like weatherwise, all we have to look forward to is depression and sadness.

I think I might have jinxed things by saying last month that I would go for a walk around the neighborhood at lunch time every sunny day. SUCK.

But! The Christmas tree is up, lit and decorated! All I have left to do is await a few more deliveries, wrap things and bake cookies!

And I only have 4 more days of work before vacation starts!

Anders and I found a new show to watch...only 2 seasons of 8 episodes and we're already 4 in, but it's caught us: Hanna (on Amazon). Apparently it's based on a movie of the same name, starring Saoirse Ronan, who I really like, though I've never heard of the movie at all. We'll watch that, too. :D

In addition to decorating the tree today, we went to visit Anders' mom, made plans for the holidays, packed and moved 4 boxes of stuff from Karin's apartment and had dinner at Yukai in Malmö. Now Karin and Anders are off to Lund to play badminton, and I'm going to finish a couple of things and then read my book with all the Christmas lights shining.
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