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Can you search for "feeds" like comics and news sites or are they in the regular communities?

and what the heck is JABBER? (It's a search category, but what does it bring up?)

Edited to ask GALE! Was the comic you mentioned tonight Sinfest?
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No, you can't search for feeds. Here is a newly-created list of the most popular feeds.

Jabber is an IM program, like AIM or ICQ.

jesus, you were fast answering! thank you!! :)

Well, it happened that I was browsing page 2 of that link at the time I switched back over to my friends page, so it wasn't hard to find for you.

That, and I'm a really quick typist. :)

This will probably make you either laugh or sigh, but I JUST (doh) realized that in your userpic you are PEELING your eye back. I thought you were holding up a monocle before! double-duh for me!

Actually, you were right before: I'm holding something up to my eye. It's not a monocle, though, it's a crystal that orb8 and I were messing around taking pictures of last summer. (The larger version of the image is on my home page.)

I am TOTALLY crushed by the truth.

Sorry, I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but the thought of me peeling my eyelid back is kind of repulsive. :)

Actually, I should've used this smiley:


Bahaha! :) good one!

And here I thought the eye-peeling thing was all Dali-esque of you.

Nah, surrealism isn't really (hah!) my bag. .)

Yep, that's the one. For comics feeds, check my friends list. :)

thanks, I'll check it out. :) Hope your hands are healing in the glow of your new bookcase.

The boxes are open, but nothing is together yet. The small one actually included glue! I've never had anything from Ikea that required glue before!

Glue!? Good god the mind reels!

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