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Getting out of bed is impossible in the morning after you've been up to 3 a.m. web-surfing, watching horrible late-night TV, cuddles and conversation in bed.

galestorm and I had great fun at IKEA yesterday and in the restaurant we discovered a candy bar by the cashier with the rather suggestive name of YANKIE. Just because candy bars have a phallic shape doesn't mean you need to give them any ideas. Turns out it was a Danish candy bar and a yummy one: very 3 musketeersy with a little bit of caramel. Mums.

Questions Anders has been asked at 3 a.m. by me, and which he has answered in such a way as to allow me to actually understand physics: (none of these were last night):
  • If you shoot a gun straight up in the air, why doesn't the bullet come back down and kill you?
  • How fast would I have to be traveling to stay in sunshine?
  • Why have I never once had to use a plunger in a toilet in Sweden?
We are going to an amusement park for children this afternoon when it gets dark. They have an outdoor ice-skating rink, lots of rides and today, some sort of Children's Vasa Ski Race around the park. Afterwards we're going to Oxie for dinner with Anders' parents, where I will attempt not to eat too much. Anders and I talked a lot about our bad eating habits last night and made some good resolutions together about getting motivated. :) The first one was in regards to not buying the junk food in the first place because if it's not in the house we won't be able to eat it. A simple theory you'd think, but one that has been amazingly difficult to arrive at.

The chaos that is the kid's department side of our house has me temporarily defeated.
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