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Getting out of bed is impossible in the morning after you've been up to 3 a.m. web-surfing, watching horrible late-night TV, cuddles and conversation in bed.

galestorm and I had great fun at IKEA yesterday and in the restaurant we discovered a candy bar by the cashier with the rather suggestive name of YANKIE. Just because candy bars have a phallic shape doesn't mean you need to give them any ideas. Turns out it was a Danish candy bar and a yummy one: very 3 musketeersy with a little bit of caramel. Mums.

Questions Anders has been asked at 3 a.m. by me, and which he has answered in such a way as to allow me to actually understand physics: (none of these were last night):
  • If you shoot a gun straight up in the air, why doesn't the bullet come back down and kill you?
  • How fast would I have to be traveling to stay in sunshine?
  • Why have I never once had to use a plunger in a toilet in Sweden?
We are going to an amusement park for children this afternoon when it gets dark. They have an outdoor ice-skating rink, lots of rides and today, some sort of Children's Vasa Ski Race around the park. Afterwards we're going to Oxie for dinner with Anders' parents, where I will attempt not to eat too much. Anders and I talked a lot about our bad eating habits last night and made some good resolutions together about getting motivated. :) The first one was in regards to not buying the junk food in the first place because if it's not in the house we won't be able to eat it. A simple theory you'd think, but one that has been amazingly difficult to arrive at.

The chaos that is the kid's department side of our house has me temporarily defeated.
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I'm a scientific moron myself, but I think the toilet question can be answered by the size of the pipes and drains used here. When we were in New Mexico, the toilet plunger was a constant companion, but a lot of that was due to the sub-standard size of pipe, combined with the low-volume flush toilets that supposedly save water, but actually you end up having to flush 3-4 times just to get any solids to go down.

Sounds plausible to me. When I asked a similar question of Calle once, his answer was, 'Because Swedish toilets work.' :)

When I was first here visiting Lennart, I accidentally knocked a värmeljus off a shelf and into the toilet while it was flushing. It flushed. No problem. I knew then and there that I had to move to Sweden.

Troo story!

No plunger needed in Australia, either.

I wonder if it is necessary in the states because Americans are full of shit? *quickly runs away singing "far a long, long way to run"*

Only kidding, guys....

not far enough, Marie. LOL!

Just like Liz's phone! :)

dagnabit! I forgot someone on here would know about that!! argh :P

haha! I can beat that! I flushed my T28 down the toilet at work once. :) Still haven't heard the end of that!

Ooooh, ouch! But you have to be continually impressed by the toilets!

Well, he's right :) At least, they work BETTER.

actually it's the height of the water tank :)

my 2 cents worth

If you shoot a gun straight up in the air, why doesn't the bullet come back down and kill you?

Oh but it does. Or rather: even the slightest grade of angle in the shoot-up, will make the bullet fall down somewhere far from you, because the angle multiplies with distance (upwards first, then downwards...). So instead of falling back and killing you, it falls back and kills someone else.

In Manila it's very dangerous to go outside during New Year's, because people fire guns up in the air, and all those bullets have to come down somewhere. If your house isn't built well enough, they may even come crashing through your ceiling, and kill you in your home. I was in Manila over a New Year once, and was forced to stay in the luxury home of my "cousin" (long story, but all you need to know is we didn't exactly get along) because the place where I stayed wasn't safe for the bullets. And all through the evening, there were constant reports on the telly on how many had been killed by downfalling bullets so far, and urges to people to not fire their weapons in the air, because of the hazard it meant for other people.

So, I don't know much about physics, but I do know you can't fire guns in the air and think it's safe.

Re: my 2 cents worth

We got this in New Mexico too, where automatic and semi-automatic weapons are in the hands of usually drunken half-wits. So every New Year's Day, there's at least one picture in the paper of somebody's home where a "stray" bullet plummeted down through the roof into the TV room or managed to plough through a steel door next to a 2-year-old in his bed, and all too often, it's the stray bullet making its way into somebody's anatomy.

Re: my 2 cents worth

I should have said why doesn't it come STRAIGHT down and kill you, but what I learned is that you're right, it goes and kills someone else becaus of the ballistics spin inside the barrel. (and presumably the motion of the earth, haha). Manila certainly doesn't sound like a safe place to be if people are running around shooting guns off! eek

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