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I'm doing it again. I'm doing it right now! I don't even want to stop! I'm STAYING UP LATE! Dag Nab It.

I ate a normal portion-sized dinner and have been fighting cravings all evening long. A few minutes ago I went into the kitchen to, um, browse, and upon opening the refrigerator, said, "Isn't there anything in here I can eat without getting fat?" Anders laughed at me, but he didn't have any answer. Hmph.

It was cold today. Bone chillingly, ice crackingly, knee sufferingly cold. I know this because I spent 2.5 hours out in it, patiently waiting while my children were lifted and flung and dropped and ridden around various carnival rides. We went to "Winterland" which is what the kind-of lame-ass children's amusement park in Malmö turns into for 2 months around the holidays. There was no snow, so it wasn't very wintery, except for the massive amounts of people in down-filled jackets, knitted caps and mittens and the weirdly dressed fake snowmen with obscenely long arms on stilts that were walking around near the entrance.

Karin got totally gypped out of ice skating a third day in a row except for one quick trip round the frozen-over fountain/wading pool square in the middle of the park, because the zamboni made an appearance and everyone was shooed off the ice.

Words I've just used that I really like: gypped, shooed, zamboni.

Why won't I get a clue and and get a winter hat? I hate hats. I have this thing that they 1) don't look good on me and 2) make my hair even more frizzy freakazoid than normal, and I've apparently always had it because I can remember my grandmother getting extremely upset with me during an unusual babysitting episode and telling my mother upon her return that I was unmanageable and independent LIKE THAT WAS A BAD THING because I refused to wear a hat. My mother, if such a thing had been popular back in the 70's, would have pumped her fist and hissed "yeeesss!" because she thinks independence is a GOOD thing.

Anyway, since I knew it would be cold out, I put leggings on under my pants and a sweatshirt on over my shirt, but forgot about the inappropriately thin socks I had on, even inside my giant moonboot-wannabe boots, and I only had this pathetic little semi-elastic knitted band that goes around your forehead and covers up your ears. After we got to Anders' parent's house, I begged for big thick socks to put on, ate dinner, read a royal-family-gossip magazine (turns out Madeline learned her lesson with décolletage after last year's Nobel dinner) and then crashed on the sofa for an hour until a snore (my own, darn it) awoke me. My knees hurt so much from the cold that I could only hobble stiffly like an old, old woman, and I'm STILL cold, 7 hours later. what a wuss.
mood: cold
music: Elvis Costello—Useless Beauty


Spandex, only way to fly in this country, even for those of us who are, mmmmm, a teensie bit on the chunky side! My layering to the north of you during the winter is ankle length spandex tights (or two if it's below -10), jeans and THEN leg warmers. Not to mention light socks covered by heavy hunter's socks. Then there's my silk thermal underwear top, covered with a tee shirt, covered with a bulky sweater. I may look like Michelin woman or the Pillsberry dough woman, but damn, I'm usually warm. Oh yeah, caps, I have a really cool peaked cap in corduroy, I can cram all the nasty hair inside and wear it at a jaunty angle and even with my pumpkin round face, I don't look too bad.

eek, spandex scares me! :P If I lived any further north, I'd surely be dressing as you describe, but it tends to warmth here so much that when it DOES get cold, we're often caught off guard.

I'm with you on the spandex thing, but silk thermal underwear sounds intriguing. That would widen my expanse of "long-john" knowledge quite a bit, I think! (Deep down, I'm still a hick!)

So, do tell about the cleavage-lesson. Did all the cameras around the Nobel dinner table get a shot of her nipples, or what?

I bought my silk long johns through REI in the States. They cost me $60 for a set, but they're still holding up well after 4 years. The real benefit is that they are extremely thin and soft, but really keep you warm. you can wear them under your nice stuff and not get the bulk you get from the regular thermals. Plus they gave you a choice of knee length or full length trousers and your top had a choice of necklines and sleeve lengths too. I imagine other sporting goods outlets would have something similar, and I'm sure they can be found here in Sweden as well, if you know where to look.

I used to have a pair of "cuddleduds" that were some kind of silk long-john. Is that what you have? I loved them! I'll have to look into getting some of those again.

haha! well, last year, she designed her own dress and it was quite, uh, revealing...there was tons of publicity about it, even though she looked wonderful and very chic. It was RED and very low cut in the front and there were pictures of her leaning over someone's shoulder that got a lot of press. This year, her dress was 180 degrees the opposite direction, pale, demure, VERY high necked, long sleeved, etc. :) Not a bosom in sight!

Man, I wear a hat 11 months of the year...and gloves...and a jacket! How do you survive otherwise? It's bone-chilling cold even in July in Sweden. Summer??? Don't make me laugh!

I have my usual orange hat, which you can see me wearing here on a summer's day :)

When it is colder, I have a thermal tight skullcap thing that I wear under my hood like this.

When it's REALLY cold, I have the fur hat

People here stare at me as I wear a hat, gloves and coat all year. But without it all I freeze. I also wear the craft thermals under my normal clothes and two pairs of socks. What is also useful is a pull-on black velvet long skirt that I wear over everything when outdoors. That extra layer really helps and as it has an elastic waist, it is easy to slip off when you are inside.

Like Carolyn, I don't care if I look like the Michelin Man. I gave up vanity a long time ago!

I hate my slow connection! I can't get any of your hat pictures to open, or else I'm just too damn impatient (you think?!). You crack me up! But you are quite a bit further north than me, so I'll forgive your weather-wimpiness. :P Down here it doesn't get much below zero and since I AM from Chicago, it's fairly balmy for this yankee. I imagine if I were from Australia or Texas or California, though, I'd feel quite differently. :)

I so want a fur hat like that, but I have a fat head, as my husband will readily tell you. Hats made for women sit on top of my head, so I need one of those Russian wolf hats or something.

This one comes from Finland. It is really warm and wonderful to wear when it gets to -20C or so. I'm snug and warm inside. It is real fur (silver fox) and while I never thought I'd ever live to see the day I wore real fur, I also have to say that nobody warned me just how cold -20C felt!

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