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Vaccine envy
I am thrilled that my mom is getting hers this week (1 shot) and Martin gets his second dose next week. I'm happy for all my friends and relatives who have gotten theirs or have their scheduled. But I'm aggravated that there's no knowing when we'll be getting ours here. Everything is delayed, maybe by as much as 4 months. SUCK.

Hate crimes
What is WRONG with people? Why are so many people so scared of others who are different and feel the need to be hateful to them? Just be KIND to other people. How hard is that, honestly? And if you can't be kind, then shut up and leave other people the hell alone.

Work stress
Starting to get ridiculous. We've been operating at such a high level of overwork and stress for so long (literally, years) that everyone, including management, and even we, ourselves, think it's normal. It's NOT NORMAL. Thank goodness my manager is taking us seriously and addressing the issue now, since we have raised a flag that we are all starting to crack. I love my job but MAN I would like to catch my breath once in a while.

Taxes and FBARs
It's that time of year again when I get to resent my birth country's government all over again for the draconian requirements on expats. I've downloaded all the tax forms but am dreading actually trying to figure them out again since they've changed AGAIN this year. The FBARs, in contrast, were a piece of cake. 30 minutes yesterday of checking account balances and writing notes and 10 minutes today of filling out the online form and submitting it. It irks that I have to file this report at all, much less with the "Financial Crimes Enforcement Network" as if my choice to live and work abroad supposes me to be a criminal hiding money offshore. And best of all, even when I'm done with mine, I still have to help Karin figure out hers. And do Martin's FBAR with him as well. Thankfully, he's dealing with his own tax filing this year again.

Walks in the sunshine
I can't get enough sunshine right now. The sun on my shoulders, through the dining room window, while I'm working away, is like a benediction, and worth the glare on the screen. The 15-minute lunchtime walks with the sun on my head and the cool fresh air are a TONIC. Exactly what I need, every day. More, please.

Extended restrictions
I knew it was probably coming, but I confess to a sinking heart when we got the email today confirming that we are to continue working fulltime from home until the end of May. GAH. One of my friends asked if I wanted to go to the movies next week and I got the heebie-jeebies. Right now, it feels like this will never end.

Replacements for dishes
We got a set of 12 place settings for our everyday dishes when we got married. I love them. They're eggplant purple Sasaki stoneware. I can't remember, but I think my brother actually got me the first place settings even before that, and we just filled up to 12 on our registry. They're extremely hardy, so despite having a few with nicks, we've only lost a few pieces over the last 25 years. We're missing 1 dinner plate, 2 salad plates and 1 bowl. Unlike the replacement teaspoons for our cutlery, the dishes don't cost that much and even though they're discontinued, I found some on Amazon and the rest on replacements.com for very reasonable prices. Since we're considering shipping stuff from the US when Martin moves home, I'm thinking I will just go ahead and order them and send them to my sister to include in the crate.

Overdue appointments
Due to the pandemic, I've been putting off some things and now with the restrictions getting extended again, I'm getting a bit antsy. One thing I've been putting off is already over a year overdue. URGH. Don't lecture me if you comment. I KNOW.

The fruit doesn't fall very far from the tree
Martin made my day yesterday with a text message that said "This is very random but can we go antiquing after I come home? Idk why I was always so against it as a kid but I'd literally love it now." ...HAHAHAH! You'd have thought I was dragging my children over hot coals every time I tried to get them to go into an antique shop or secondhand store back when they were younger. Now they BOTH love it. :D

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