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I have such mixed feelings about the whole LJ Friends thing. On the one hand, I really enjoy the community aspect and look forward to comments and reading what others are into and up to, but I'm not much into the politics and even though it's stupid, I admit to feeling a little sting of rejection when someone drops me from their Friends list, even though I do it myself, in an increasingly futile attempt to keep my online life under control. Ultimately, I don't care, and my needs for validation are taken care of quite well in many other ways, and I'm well aware that people add and drop "friends" for many different reasons, most of which aren't personal. I think it's some sort of remnant from 8th grade (where else?) that makes me want to be "friends" with everyone or at least be thought of as interesting, or cool, or worth reading. Sounds pathetic, but that's not how I mean it to sound.

I'd like to post more pictures, but only have my measly 10MB webspace at the moment which isn't a place where I put things permanently. I really, really need to get working on the family webpage update or soon the pictures will be too out of date to bother with. Like the roll of film from Anders' REAL camera (read: not digital) that we just developed and found pictures from Martin's 4TH birthday on. doh!

Current occupations that my children aspire to: INVENTOR (Martin), HOCKEY GOALIE (Karin)

It's growing dark, after a lovely sunny winter day, albeit with no snow. I have a feeling this is going to be a completely snowless winter for those of us in Skåne. Double drag.

I had a meeting with our club president today, to talk about setting up an online store with CafePress, and we decided that now would be as good a time as any to design a new club logo to put on the t-shirts and other goodies we plan to offer. So, add that to my to-do list, which is rapidly spiraling out of control and making me want to flop down face-first across my bed. I hope other club members will submit designs so that mine isn't the only one to choose from!

I'm reading Diane Ackerman's Cultivating Delight in small gulps, because to read it too fast or all at once would destroy the sense of wonder I get out of her writing. Every single page contains a line or a paragraph that I want to write down in my notebooks. Two snippets to illustrate my point:

Most people lie down at night and open the dream gates for a while in sleep's bizarre time-out, fret factory, and repair shop.

Let me praise dandelions...They carpet the fields with a yellow so loud it croons in the sun.

Anders has gone to see a professional hockey game in Malmö, for the first time since we moved to Sweden, and I'm a bit jealous, as I would have liked to have gone along. I like watching hockey live. I rarely watch sports on TV, but they just crackle with energy in an arena. I don't think my knees could take another 2.5 hours in the cold, however, after yesterday. :)
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I just love having people in the same country on my friends list , and th fact they also have moved here for love is another reason why I have many friends who are Americans/North Americans in Sweden ;)

yes, but I don't necessarily think that's enough. You still have to enjoy reading each other's journals or have common interests or SOMETHING. Or at least CARE about what those people are up to. Just because they live in Sweden too isn't necessarily the only thing that should keep them on your friends list.

Oh I do care, definitely. But I usually chat with my lj friends on MSN more than comment. Of course I read every entry, I just don't always have something BRILLIANT to comment.

Mmmm, I'm going to have to look into that book! I love the imagry in those snippets.

I HIGHLY recommend her. :) She's a wonderful writer. I've loved her books since I read A Natural History of the Senses many years ago.

If that's the same Diane Ackerman that wrote "A Natural History of Love", I enjoy her writing as well. And I won't drop you from my LJ, although I'm guilty of dropping a few sometimes, just because it gets overwhelming when some people post very long postings several times a day.

Yes, it's the same author. :) The subtitle on this book is actually, "A Natural History of My Garden." I LOVE her writing. Her essays in Moon By Whale Light shoud be in everyone's library.

I wasn't talking about anyone specific, really, just spouting. You're not one of the ones I'd consider dropping either.

I just love Karin more and more! Hockey goalie :)

I don't know Diane Ackerman's writing at all, but will check her out. I'm always looking for new reads. I'm reading Sarah Turnbull's ALMOST FRENCH: Love and a New Life in Paris It describes her going to Paris from Australia to live and work, after meeting a French guy. I enjoyed reading - she described her struggles with the language, and culture differences. Something I could laugh along with as well as identify. I'm about to start on Jenny Blake's Brown Cheese Please Jenny is an Australian freelance designer/illustrator the book is a series of cartoons and observations about life in Norway from an expat's point of view. I've heard it's hilarious.

As for the whole lj friend thing, it's a dilemma. I think that the word friend is quite a loaded word for many. It's not quite the right word to describe the initial relationship at all. After a time, I feel that I quite like some of those on my "Friend's List", and I do read each day, but don't always comment, nor do I feel I need to.

At first I sort of added anyone who added me. But I've stopped doing that. I look around for similar interests or quirky sense of humour. Some journals I'm simply addicted to :) I remove names occasionally, mostly to keep the list at something manageable. I'm not really into the Friend of 62,765 type of thing. I have a life and don't want to spend all day in front of the screen!

Nor do I like those who have the dummy spit posts whining about how their "friends" don't comment and why are they on the list and I'm going to "unfriend" (just love that fake word!) anyone who doesn't comment Get over it already! Just quietly remove those you feel aren't your sort of person. Easy. In the end, it's your journal and you manage it how it suits your life.

And P.S., don't even THINK about "unfriending" me! I will haunt you...

Right at this moment, Karin is informing us that she "can't" stay in her bed, and I'm staying away from her and letting Anders deal with it because I'm too close to wanting to strangle her.

I'm with you completely on the Friend list thing. I used to add people automatically, too, and sometimes still do, but I don't have any compunction about dropping them later if I feel that things "just aren't working out," ho ho. I also have some I'm addicted to, and look for writers/people that are consistently interesting. I also use a filter sometimes, though, in order to avoid hurt feelings, so I guess I'm a little hypocritical.

Thanks for the book recommendations, I will definitely check them out. I can highly recommend Diane Ackerman. Moon by Whale Light, A Natural History of the Senses, A Natural History of Love, and this one, are among her best.

And you are DEFINITELY not on the list of people I would ever consider dropping, so rest easy :P

Better late than never... (right?)

I am about to ditto everything our lovely Marie has just said. Or perhaps I should just tag a "Me too!" on to all her posts from now on! :) Such a time saver that would be! But then again, I'd be acknowledging posts containing Sound of Music lyrics, and that could spell trouble. Hrm.

In any case, the haunt bit, ditto; the friends bit, ditto; the books about people moving to new and exotic places and trying to deal with all that happens, super-ditto(!); and the bit about loving Karin more and more, extra-fragilistic-ditto*, she is so spunky!

*ozswede, note the superfluous reference to another Julie Andrews film which also contains lots of head-sticky songs!

note the superfluous reference to another Julie Andrews film

You must have been inspired by thinking about me - after all I'm practically perfect in every way

hummimg...Um diddle diddle diddle um diddle ay Um diddle diddle diddle um diddle ay

baha! uh oh. I sense thread-hijacking...good thing there's no veggies involved...yet.

and ditto right back to you, too. :) I saw Julie Andrews in Victor, Victoria, in Chicago about 10 years ago or so. She was 50 that year, and you wouldn't believe that woman's LEGS! yow. Bring on the Julie Andrews references! She rocks my world. And have you read her children's books, by the way...big time faves!

You can get a hosting account for $4 or $5 a month that will give you a couple hundred megabytes of storage space. I have an account with and I've been more than satisfied so far. They also let you pay monthly, so you don't have to front a year's worth of payments all at once.

Thanks for the tip. I haven't made up my mind what I want to do about my hosting dilemmas, for the moment. I've also heard that is a good place to store a lot of images for a very cheap price, but haven't yet had time to check it out. Money's tight these days, so every expenditure has to be thought over. argh.

We have photohosting at Picture Trail. For us, money is not so tight as it is non-existant so you just know this is a cheap site :)

thanks for the tip, I'll check it out! :)

Now I have to check my friends list... I never remember until someone mention that in their LJ. Obviously I care a lot...

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