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I have such mixed feelings about the whole LJ Friends thing. On the one hand, I really enjoy the community aspect and look forward to comments and reading what others are into and up to, but I'm not much into the politics and even though it's stupid, I admit to feeling a little sting of rejection when someone drops me from their Friends list, even though I do it myself, in an increasingly futile attempt to keep my online life under control. Ultimately, I don't care, and my needs for validation are taken care of quite well in many other ways, and I'm well aware that people add and drop "friends" for many different reasons, most of which aren't personal. I think it's some sort of remnant from 8th grade (where else?) that makes me want to be "friends" with everyone or at least be thought of as interesting, or cool, or worth reading. Sounds pathetic, but that's not how I mean it to sound.

I'd like to post more pictures, but only have my measly 10MB webspace at the moment which isn't a place where I put things permanently. I really, really need to get working on the family webpage update or soon the pictures will be too out of date to bother with. Like the roll of film from Anders' REAL camera (read: not digital) that we just developed and found pictures from Martin's 4TH birthday on. doh!

Current occupations that my children aspire to: INVENTOR (Martin), HOCKEY GOALIE (Karin)

It's growing dark, after a lovely sunny winter day, albeit with no snow. I have a feeling this is going to be a completely snowless winter for those of us in Skåne. Double drag.

I had a meeting with our club president today, to talk about setting up an online store with CafePress, and we decided that now would be as good a time as any to design a new club logo to put on the t-shirts and other goodies we plan to offer. So, add that to my to-do list, which is rapidly spiraling out of control and making me want to flop down face-first across my bed. I hope other club members will submit designs so that mine isn't the only one to choose from!

I'm reading Diane Ackerman's Cultivating Delight in small gulps, because to read it too fast or all at once would destroy the sense of wonder I get out of her writing. Every single page contains a line or a paragraph that I want to write down in my notebooks. Two snippets to illustrate my point:

Most people lie down at night and open the dream gates for a while in sleep's bizarre time-out, fret factory, and repair shop.

Let me praise dandelions...They carpet the fields with a yellow so loud it croons in the sun.

Anders has gone to see a professional hockey game in Malmö, for the first time since we moved to Sweden, and I'm a bit jealous, as I would have liked to have gone along. I like watching hockey live. I rarely watch sports on TV, but they just crackle with energy in an arena. I don't think my knees could take another 2.5 hours in the cold, however, after yesterday. :)
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