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I made it through another work week, and this one without crying in front of my manager on a Teams meeting, so I call that a win. Work is still crazy but I am proud of my team for managing to keep our task queue at a reasonable level, despite the fact that we were 2 men down this past week as our freelancer wasn't able to help us at all. Next week I have a massage scheduled and a hair appointment so I will actually be getting out of my house (more than just to the grocery store) for the first time in weeks.

This weekend is pretty quiet, for me at least. Anders is going over to Karin's tomorrow to help them put up curtain rods. I am planning to move furniture around in the kid's rooms and I'm debating moving my home office into Karin's room or our office so I can get all my shit off the dining room table. I don't like having things out of place and untidy, and there's been a giant monitor and all my work stuff covering half the table, right out in the middle of everything, for nearly a year. I DO like being where I can see the bird feeders and feel the sun on my back in the afternoons, so we'll see, but I think I need a change of scenery and since our current situation is in place until at least the end of May, I can try it out and move back if I don't like being off to the side in a former bedroom or our office.

I've already cleared out Karin's closet and made her go through everything. I don't want to make her feel like I'm pushing her out of her "home" but she HAS moved out. Even if she should have to move home again at some point, I know it would be very temporary. So, I'm planning to make her room into a guest room, plus treadmill space. I've also cleaned out Martin's closet and room to make sure it is only HIS stuff that is in there...lots of Karin's extras had crept in over the past couple of years. She went through the majority of the pile yesterday and we ended up with two big bags for charity and a small pile of miscellaneous garbage. There is still a pile to sort, but it will have to wait until next week, as she's busy all weekend. Too busy to walk my 5K with me. I might do one by myself anyway, and then we can do another one next weekend and who even am I? Haha!

Anders planted soybeans, snap peas and tomatoes in little starter pots a couple of weeks ago, and they are already nearly 3 inches tall. I'm hoping we can plant them in the vegetable garden and tomato pots this weekend. Not sure, though, since the weather is still a very mixed April bag. High temps are in the mid-teens but there are still several nights ahead projected to be under 4 degrees C..which means frost. Even though everything is greening, spring has yet to really pop. Maybe that will happen this weekend since it's supposed to be 14-15C both tomorrow and Sunday.

I am hating Facebook right now, as something has changed and it's showing me tons of stuff and people that I had hidden from my news feed AND removed the possibility to hide them (and still remain friends). I do not need or want to see the daily musings of all the people I am connected with. GAH. There's nothing about this change that I can find online when I search for recent Facebook updates. I thought setting people as Favorites would make their posts show up first and foremost, but I am seeing EVERYTHING, including lots of people that I had permanently snoozed.

We just finished voting for a new club name for the AWC. I'm really pleased with the outcome as my favorite won. Even though it still has "American" in the name, we are adding "International" and removing "Women's" which will be much more inclusive and more correctly reflect our demographics in the long-run. After we deal with all the administrative and technical issues, we'll be the American International Club Malmö. It's been a really long process. I hope our members are at least okay with the change, even if the name they voted for didn't win. I was especially pleased by the turnout for the vote. Out of 159 members, we received 108 votes, and of those, only 23% voted to KEEP the old name. A whopping 77% voted for change and 37% of those voted for the winner. I suppose if people AREN'T okay with the name change, they can vote with their feet...but nothing else about the club or it's purpose or makeup is changing. Now, if we could just start organizing in-person events and activities again!
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