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Happy first of May! It's a beautiful day here, sunny with blue skies and a little breeze, but definitely still on the chilly side. We still have some 0 temps in the forecast but I'm really hoping that slightly warmer weather is on the way.

On Wednesday night Anders had an accident in the garage and took a fall. He was astride the motorcycle he is rebuilding and the whole thing tipped sideways, throwing him into the wall, as well as everything in front of it, including a grill and a metal bike stand. End result: his motorcycle is fine but he has fractured or broken ribs. :( He's had them before in his life, so he knew immediately what was wrong. He refuses to go to the doctor or ER because they don't do anything for ribs anymore. Not even taping them. He's in a lot of pain and it's hard to move, get up, bend over, stand for long, etc. It's also thrown all his project and garden plans on hold because there's no way he can do anything. Ribs take approximately 2 months to heal, though the pain will peak in about a week or so. UGH. I feel awful for him but I can't really help all that much (apart from helping him tie shoes and take off socks).

It's made me realize all over again how fragile we are, and how fragile our plans are. Two months puts us into the middle of the summer. But it means his planning for an overnight kayaking trip is also postponed as well as finishing the porch and planting a tree in the back corner. Ah well, none of it is that important and I don't want him to overdo it, no matter what. It's put enough of a damper on his mood, without worrying about what can't be changed.

I had plans for tomorrow which are also canceled, so the weekend has suddenly turned from a busy one into wide open with nothing going on. I suppose that means I can get the freezer defrosted and mop all the tile floors; two things on my to-do list that I keep putting off because they're not jobs I like. And I need to clean out the well under the bathtub, which I would happily put off forever if I could.

Despite hoping to go home to help Martin and my mom move, those plans are also on hold. I had hoped to go in August, because that's when Martin's lease is up and when my mom was planning to move. But now she will most likely be moving in September. Martin doesn't want (and shouldn't have) to stay that long, since it means he won't be working and will just be hanging out...he wants to get back to Sweden and started on the next phase of his life and I don't blame him. My plans to go to the US in August are also on hold until I am vaccinated and we just don't know when that will happen at this point. It feels like everything is on hold, or postponed, or canceled.

Everything just feels very flat right now. This year has so far not been much better than last year, and that's saying something. UGH.
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