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Sometimes, when it's been a while, and I keep forgetting to write something here, I feel like I'm coming to confession: Forgive me, LJ, for I have sinned. It's been 8 days since my last post. Last week was all work and crappy weather and nothing much on the news front, until Friday, when I got a letter in the mail from our local healthcare clinic with an appointment time for my first vaccine shot. WOO HOO! FINALLY! It's scheduled for May 19, so I am going to be super careful between now and then. Imagine getting COVID the week before you get your vaccination.

Today I had a phone call with the AWC member the board has contracted to design the new logo for our new name. I initially had mixed feelings about this, since I'M a graphic designer and I designed the original AWC logo back in the day. But she's REALLY good and her portfolio made me feel a bit inadequate. I had already played around with some ideas but hadn't really sketched anything out. I've designed a few logos but I'm not really a logo designer. And it's fine. I'm confident that she will do a stellar job. She listened to all the requirements and we agreed on the process, and I'm just waiting for her contract now, and after we pay the upfront "downpayment" she'll get started. We have a special meeting the first week of June for members to vote on the changes to the constitution required for us to officially change the club name, and then I can get started on MY next project, which will be working on a major web makeover for the club's website. Next up: getting to organize activities in person again. C'mon vaccinations: get moving!

Anders had his birthday yesterday, which was low-key. He especially liked his new coffee mug, which I just couldn't resist:

Google translate gave me "old bastard" which seems a little harsh. Hahaha! I prefer to think of it as "grumpy old man". :D

We woke to a lovely day today, after what felt like WEEKS of rain, clouds and chilly temperatures. Sunshine, warm air and blue skies and constant birdsong in the backyard. The feeders are gone, but we could hear a blackbird singing his heart out throughout the day (he's still going), the cooing of mourning doves and the harsh punctuation of crows cawing. I walked up to the plant nursery and bought a couple of replacements for one of the little circles in the front (the ones I'd planted last year didn't make it through the winter) and when I came back, Anders was planting the snap pea and soybean seedlings in the vegetable garden. One row of each, plus a row each of onions and carrots. Three rows of potatoes went in a few weeks ago, so now all we need is consistent higher temps and we can pot the tomato seedlings, too. Yum yum!

I took all the desk furniture out of "storage" and put it out and got the sun parasol up and sat on the deck with a popsicle and my book and enjoyed the afternoon.

It's Mothers Day in the US and my mom is traveling so I couldn't send her flowers or candy. She's on the way to my sister's house for a couple of weeks. But I talked to her yesterday and sent her messages today to let her know I'm thinking of her and hoping she has a safe trip across to the east coast.

Anders and I have also finalized our plans for our 25th wedding anniversary in June. Because he couldn't get that week off, we just going to a nice restaurant in Lund that evening, but for midsummer week we are going to Gotland to spend 3 days in and around Visby. We were there once when the kids were pretty small and I don't really remember much. Visby is a walled city and there are lots of historic things to see, plus the weird stone formations called raukar on the north end of the island. We'll have 3 full days there and be home in time for midsommar. Karin will be here to housesit. Hard to believe it's already almost summer. Felt like it would never get here. I sure needed the sunshine!
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