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Don't apologize. You don't have to say you're sorry for not writing. Don't think people are checking in every day to see if you've bothered to write (and thereby entertain them). No one is waiting on the sidelines for your words, your thoughts, your random scribblings. You just write when the muse strikes. When the timing and the motivation line up and the stars align as well. When Mercury isn't in retrograde (Mercury's always in retrograde) (Don't worry about stupid Mercury, it has no bearing on this).

It's not an assignment.

There's no deadline.

There are so many moments when I think "I should write about this". But I don't. So many moments, experiences, happenings, thoughts that hang in the air, in the ether, zapping their way through the synapses in my brain, that never see daylight. Never get articulated in typewritten or digital form. Never pass from my mind to yours. Don't apologize. It's not necessary. It's not worth it. It's just the way things are, the way things have to be, sometimes.

Just because I don't write about the progress in our vegetable garden doesn't mean I'm not deeply engaged in all the sprouting goodies growing under the earth.

Just because I don't write about that funny conversation or that moment of delight doesn't mean it wasn't worth writing about.

Just because I didn't write about our 25th wedding anniversary doesn't mean that a) it didn't happen, b) I didn't care or c) anyone else cares. It still happened, that milestone was still passed, that excellent dinner out with just me and my husband was still enjoyed. Maybe I memorialized it elsewhere! After all, writing and sharing take place in so many different places these days.

What we see, what we say, what we do...it doesn't ALL have to be recorded for posterity. Sometimes it's enough to have seen it, have said it, have experienced it.

And if, when the muse is feeling feisty and the stars actually DO line up (and Mercury, that little shit, is facing the right way, moving the right way), you'll get it down, articulated and safe, and ready for someone else to read, to share in, to enjoy. So, don't apologize. Just write when the moment is right.
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