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How is it already the last day of June? Why do we let the time fly by without making sure we savor it...it goes so fast. Another year, half down.

I got my second vaccination shot yesterday. Camilla had given me a tip, given to her by a friend who knows a doctor: take 2 Alvedon (equivalent to Tylenol) before your second shot and 2 after to avoid the side effects. It worked for me! I took 2 tablets half an hour before my shot and 2 again half an hour after. My arm was slightly tender and "heavy/blocky" feeling (as in I could tell I had an upper arm) for part of the day. Around evening, I started feeling a little warm, so I took 2 more, and so far, nothing.

I had Pfizer. My colleague, who had Moderna, was super sick the day after her second shot. Most everyone I've heard about has been really sick after the second dose: high fever, nausea, chills, etc. I'm very glad to have avoided that even if it was a result of having Pfizer instead of Moderna and nothing to do at all with taking some preventative medicine. Now I just have to wait 2 weeks and I'm officially covered by the vaccination. I read the other day that both Pfizer and Moderna are considered effective enough that they most likely won't need booster shots either, so I'm hoping that means I won't have to get another vaccination for a year. We'll see how things play out, since nothing seems to be certain.

Six months gone already of 2021. The summer itself is in full bloom. Our cherry tree looks like it's been hung with rubies; the fruit is ripening and reddening! I get double handfuls of snap peas every evening when I go out to water, and we've already eaten almost one row of our potatoes, which are delicious: like butter! The onions look close to ready as well. The tomatoes and carrots will take some more time, though. Growing things is fun!

Last night, Anders and I watched the European soccer cup matches and both the teams I rooted for (Sweden and Germany) lost and are now eliminated. I don't really care about soccer or sports, but sometimes it's fun (when our teams are winning, of course) to watch. It was a disappointing evening, gamewise. But now I don't care anymore and don't need to pretend any interest in the rest of the championship. :D

We also watched the last episode of The Handmaid's Tale (season 4) which was just completely bonkers. I can't decide what I think about the direction the show took the main character in this season. She is so ANGRY and full of rage and hatred that it's harder to watch than normal, but then I think: why shouldn't she be? She has every right to be enraged, and anyone thinking she should just suck it up and get on with her life is kind of giving into a cycle of complicity that I have a hard time agreeing with. Yes, she takes it to an extreme, but it's certainly a valid reaction.

I'm about to get on a Facetime call with my brother and sister...we have a big birthday coming up in the family and need to discuss plans and presents. Since none of us can travel yet, any get-together or in-person celebration will have to wait. John's family still isn't vaccinated, and Karin hasn't been able to yet, either, as they're not down to her age group yet here in Sweden.

Kind of a lame post, but oh well, at least I managed to get it written!
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