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Dang. I try to be better about writing and then another week slips by, with all the posts still unwritten and in my head. I've been very conscientious about posting my daily good things on Facebook but then I don't get back online, seated in front of the PC at the desk to write here.

I'm home alone at the moment. Anders left early Wednesday morning with a friend, on motorcycles, heading up the west coast of Sweden for several days. It's their 4th annual trip and they spend it searching for and going to as many little weird museums and historical sites as they can find on the back roads and out in the country. Usually they are technical or vehicles or such, and they have a blast. Their first stop is the Grimeton Radio Station, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site; a wireless telegraphy station built in 1922 that was used to transmit telegram traffic by Morse Code to the US and elsewhere during WWII. It was Sweden's only telecommunication link with the rest of the world. Sounds interesting, but I just yawned while writing it, so I'm glad that Anders will find it interesting and glad that I don't have to go, haha!

I'm still working and it's been really hot here this whole week, so we've managed to keep the house fairly cool, though in the middle of the afternoon it's been pretty muggy. Today, around 3:30 there were rumblings of thunder and then a sudden downpour which really helped bring the temperature down. Although I just checked and it's still high 80s even in the house: ugh. I have 2 more weeks before my vacation starts; Anders started on Monday. And Karin, who was supposed to start work on July 19 is now starting July 24 due to her entire department being on vacation. She's been working again at Flyinge School this week, though, so she'll have a little income coming in before her new job starts, at least.

It's been too hot to walk right after work, when I usually go, but I'm thinking maybe I'll go out this evening and do my walk now. Otherwise I'm going to rapidly get out of the habit and I need to keep up with my daily walks and monthly 5Ks! Motivation, don't desert me! How do you stay motivated when all you want to do is lie on the sofa or the bed under the ceiling fan and read? I'm looking forward to the weekend...no plans for once. For once...hahahaha! Just because we had two full weekends in a row doesn't negate the nearly 2 years of no plans behind that.
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