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She fell asleep within 15 minutes.

Of course, I was sitting on her bed, doing a crossword puzzle and her head was in my lap, but those dark circles from last night's melodrama-fest did their job (YAY, dark circles!) and she was too tired to fight the lids. So, now we'll just hope that she STAYS asleep, because with my darling daughter, that is never a given. :)

Good writing out there right now: The World According to Chuck

I'm feeling very accomplished at the moment, because I defeated, albeit not singlehandedly, the kids department. Go me! You can see the floor in both Martin and Karin's rooms AND the playroom, and their stuffed-animal-holder nylon net sausages are finally hanging from their ceilings (I love a man with a power drill)!

Next up: tackling the kid's art bench, which is filled with approximately a year's (or 2 tall trees) worth of paper in the form of children's drawings. These bring out my worst packrat/pitch-it dichotomic emotions. I don't know if dichotomic is a word, but if it's not, it should be.

People are asking what userpic their readers identify with most. I think I've changed mine too often for anyone to identify with one of mine. I like visual freshness, but I don't have a paid account yet, so I get tired of the same 3 after a relatively short time.

Anders just came home from the first game of his hockey-bockey tournament. If they had lost, they would have played the next game at 3:30 a.m., but because they won, they are playing at 4:30 A.M. So, if it's not KARIN waking me up in the middle of the night, it will be my husband.

One last thing: I made the most delicious soup today that was very Avgelemono-y (Greek chicken lemon soup). I started with a can of Campbell's Cream of Chicken, added half a can of water, half of skim milk, two chopped up, cooked artichoke bottoms, several spoonfuls of rice, and heaps of chervil, thyme, tarragon, salt and pepper. DEE-LISH.
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I wanted to post last night, wishing you luck and an uninterrupted night's sleep, but my posts kept timing out, so I hope this finds you rested. Dichotomic is a word.

I was having trouble with LJ last night too. Thanks! It worked! Perhaps we're on the road to recovery with Karin...we'll see how it goes this week. She slept all night, so I was only awakened by Anders, who won his 4:30 a.m. game and is now off to play again at 10:30 a.m. INSANE. I'm glad to hear dichotomic is indeed a word, I was being super lazy last night, not even bothering to look it up on Webster's online. :)

I am going to try that soup...yum! Living alone, I never feel like making soup from the bottom up, so that is just perfect!

It was great! We can get canned artichoke bottoms here (not marinated, just plain), although I'm sure if you can't find them in the states, putting the frozen artichoke hearts in would work just as well. I sautéed them first, then chopped them up. I had the rice leftover from something else, so just used it up in the soup. :) The only other thing I would say is that the Campbell's Cr-of-Ch soup here is a little more citrusy tasting to begin with than the American variation, so you might want to add a drop or two of lemon juice. It was so good I'm considering making it again today! :)

Thanks again. You must have stirred up some cosmic forces or something because my neighbor came over last night bearing homemade soup!

Hope Karin has got over that pacifier hump now! I know it's hard on you, but it's also really hard on her. *HUGS to both of you*

So, if it's not KARIN waking me up in the middle of the night, it will be my husband comment (or none that would be appropriate in a post "lizardmom" might read!)

User pics? I like the orange flower and the moose, though the new lizard one is an eyecatcher. I'm like you. Only a free account and the same three pictures. Though I have a feeling that the Flying Pigs is really me (as scary as that sounds).

I love that soup and haven't made it since I left home. Yum! I made some great cabbage rolls with a lemon sauce the other night. Recipe here if you want to give it a go. Will try the soup this week. It sounds like a good one to use on the boat as well.


Re Karin: me, too!! Keep your thumbs held!
Re Anders & hockey-bockey: heh
Re userpics: The flying pigs are DEFINITELY you :) I was thinking I'd put the moose back up again for awhile :)
Re soup: It is SO good and so easy!! I can't wait to make it again.

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