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One week of vacation down and it was a busy one. This weekend, however, we had no plans. Anders finished putting up the blinds on the porch and we've eaten dinner out there a couple of times. He only has one week left, and he says he's at least 2 projects behind. But I'm hoping he'll go kayaking at least once this coming week if the weather stays nice.

Being on vacation for this long is weird. I have actually jumped in and done a couple of work-related things but nothing that took any amount of time. I was looking at the work vacation schedule and pretty much everyone is back after this next week, except me. I'll still have two more weeks. Since we're not going anywhere or really doing anything, I just need to figure out how to relax. Ha.

My idea of relaxing is usually getting things done and marked off my to-do list. But my to-do list isn't even that long for this summer. I did so much purging and cleaning last summer that I'm ahead of the game. I did fill a bag with clothes yesterday, to go to the Flyinge loppis, which is being held this year (barring any major changes in the pandemic circumstances). Our storage room is full of stuff that we couldn't donate last year, so I really hope nothing changes to cancel it again.

We already finished all of Lupin and now we're on the second season of Money Heist (La Casa de Papel). I also tried watching Schmigadoon! but gave up after a couple of ridiculously corny episodes. I've finished the book group book way early (our next meeting isn't until Aug 19) and I've made a pile of updates on the AIC website. Relaxing? Who, me? Guess I'll try napping, if I get tired of reading and playing iPad games. I do have "mop all the floors" and "defrost the freezer" and "clean the storage room fridge" on my to-do list, but no one wants to do those chores, let alone me.

Relaxing is hard, man.
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