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I'm still in the middle of vacation, home, doing not much of anything. I have another week after this, but I'm honestly debating whether to go back to work a little early. I've had things to do, don't get me wrong, but this past week I've been "trapped" at home without a car most days and it's been pretty much raining non-stop for longer than that. It makes me question how I'll be able to handle retirement in 10 years. Mind you, I am NOT complaining about too much vacation, rather I am thinking I need to fill my days in a better way. I'm too used to having too much to do.

I read, and play iPad games, watch some TV, go for walks, and clean things. I have a to-do list but most everything on it is done, at least the things that were for me and not my husband. :D Everyone else is back at work. I've sneak-worked a bit as well, enough that I'll probably take back at least 3 days from my vacation. Better than the full week I worked last summer, at least. Surprisingly, I am awake by 7:30 or 8 nearly every morning and up and showered and dressed before 11. I want to get back to regular routines. It's not that I have too much vacation, it's more that I want to really use my days off for something other than hanging out at home. Maybe I'll take those 3 days off when Martin gets home.

My car is getting two side panels painted and it's taken forever. Anders just called and told me he got the message that it's finally ready. They close at 4 and it's almost 40 minutes away, so he has to leave work pretty much right now to come get me, so we can get there in time. If we can't get there in time today, they close at 12 tomorrow, which makes it hard for Anders, who started back at work this week.

My sister told me that she and my mom are driving to Michigan next Wednesday to get Martin. They have to help him pack, take stuff to goodwill, and a few things to my mom's storage unit and then they plan to drive back to North Carolina by Sunday. He's already told his work and his landlord that he's leaving. It's starting to feel real, that he'll be coming home, after 4 years in Detroit. I know he has mixed feelings about it, which is normal before any major life change, but I am so happy that he'll be coming home to Sweden. It'll be an adjustment for all of us, to start with at least.

Tonight is book group, on Zoom. I'm hopeful this is the last one on Zoom, at least 100% but I'm suspicious that we are in the same place we were this time last year: numbers down, restrictions lifted, things going fine. The Delta variant is just now starting to make itself felt here in Sweden, and last year, by October, everything had shut down again. I really hope this fall will be different, but I don't dare to have too much anticipation. Judging by the rest of the world, this is far from over.

I finished the book group book over a week ago, and have read several others in between. I just started a new (to me) series about time travel and history, which is great so far. I bought all 12 books in the series (on Kindle), based on how good the first one was. I love books and movies about time travel. It strikes me that this one would be a great candidate for adaption to screen. It's the St. Mary's series by Jodi Taylor. How she has managed to fly under my radar for so long is remarkable.

On Tuesday, Karin chivvied us into going to the movies. It was weird to sit in a movie theater (with a third of the seats booked). We saw Free Guy, which I loved. It made me laugh out loud several times. Very well done. This weekend, we actually have plans. The AIC picnic last Saturday was postponed due to rain, so it's taking place this Saturday. And Sunday I'm having lunch and then going to the theater in Malmö with Debbie and Camilla to see a play. Another thing, like being at a movie theater, that I haven't done in a year.

Now, if it would just stop raining.
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