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Sunday night and we're nearing the end of August, the end of summer, the end of vacation. Tomorrow I actually have to get up early because the furnace people are coming to replace something in our furnace. But that's good because I need to start resetting my inner clock...I've moved my work start date up and will be starting on Thursday this week instead of Monday next week.

I talked to my manager about it, and told her that I felt like I was wasting my vacation days...home, doing nothing, no plans, etc. I'd rather be working, honestly. I had a good three weeks off and I have 3 more days to take advantage of. Because of the work I did do, I'm taking back 3 days as well, so I won't have "lost" any vacation time.

I've been reading like a fiend, whipping through the St. Mary's Chronicles and am already in the middle of book 4. Good stuff. I expect I'll probably end up reading everything she's written. :D

Today was supposed to be lunch and the theater and my birthday celebration with Debbie and Camilla but Camilla called, literally 10 minutes before I was leaving, to tell me she wasn't feeling well and had ordered a COVID test to be sure. So no lunch for us. Debbie and I still went to the play, but I have to wait another 2 weeks for my present (O! the humanity). The play was Iphigenia at Olympus, a modern take on the story of the sacrifice of Agamemnon's daughter so he could win the Trojan war and what happened to her after she ended up in the hands of the gods, specifically Deus (Zeus). Greek tragedy at its...finest. One of the St. Mary's books I was just reading was all about the Trojan war so the whole story and all the players were very fresh in my mind. I didn't particularly care for the play or the theme or, well, Greek tragedy in general, but the actors all did a great job, especially the guy who played Deus who chewed the scenery to absolute pieces in the most entertaining way.

Yesterday, we went to a socially distanced picnic in the park that I hosted for the AIC. It was the rain date from last weekend's attempt that got rained out. Karin called in the morning and backed out, but Anders and I went and it was lovely to sit in the sunshine, in a pretty park, with nice people, and be social. Haven't done that in ages. I made tuna sandwiches, deviled eggs and rice krispie treats, which combined are the perfect picnic foods. You might argue potato salad and watermelon should be included, but you'd be wrong. :D And then Anders went and ate one of MY deviled eggs. He's lucky he makes up for such transgressions in other ways.

What are your perfect picnic foods?
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