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Hello from rainy Skåne! We had a few nice days at the beginning of last week but it's back to rain and grey and solid cloud cover. I was really hoping for a nice weekend, but it's not looking like I'll get my wish. Tonight we are going (with Karin) to the annual crayfish party, hosted and attended by friends we haven't seen since the start of the pandemic (with the exception of 1 couple). It will be weird but nice, I'm sure. Everyone is fully vaccinated, but crowds of people make me nervous these days, so we shall see. I'm doubly upset about the rain because it means we will be crowded into their porch. Gah.

I started back to work on Thursday and was very glad to do so. I worked from home that day but yesterday I went into the office and worked a full day on site. It's the first time I've been there for more than 20 minutes (to print things) since October last year when we were all sent home full-time. I guess life is full of these "firsts since the pandemic started" moments now. I was the only one in our open landscape room, and practically the only one on the floor. There were 3 other people when I arrived, and a couple more people came after lunch (one of whom left again right away). I ate lunch by myself and got lots done as no one bothered me the entire day. Next week we start back on the rotation schedule and my team will be working the first three days of the week in the office. All of them have been sick (with colds, not COVID), but I assume by Monday they'll be fine to come in. Another first, since I've barely seen any of them for any amount of time, also since October last year. I may find myself wishing to be back to working from home full time, haha! It's easy to get used to the peace and quiet of my own home, and also be able to do things like laundry, even while I'm working.

Yesterday, my sister picked up Martin in Detroit and all his stuff that was either going to Goodwill or to my mom's storage unit. I talked to them both while they were on their way. His last day of work was Thursday and he's spending the weekend at goodbye parties with his friends. He's dropping off the keys to his apartment on Monday morning and mom and Sarah are taking him back to North Carolina. He'll be there until September 14 when he flies home. Two weeks (plus a couple of days) and he'll be back in Sweden. I'm so grateful that he's made it through the past two years with no major issues, despite the pandemic and other small crises. I know it's counter-intuitive (and also useless) to keep my children at home forever, but the need to know where they are and if they are well probably never goes away. I guess it would be weirder if it did go away. Even though I DON'T want them to stay home forever, having them both in the same country again will be a relief. It all makes me feel for my mom who has 2 of 3 on another continent. I'm glad she'll be so close to my sister now (though they are both probably ready to not be living under the same roof again haaaaaha).

I'm on book 7 of the St. Mary's Chronicles. Every book so far is a edge-of-the-seat thrill ride of excellence. I'm so pleased.

How is possible it's September already in a couple of days?
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