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It's cloudy out for the first time in over a week, but the clouds are high and light so I'm not so bothered by it. I started taking down Xmas decorations yesterday evening and, not including the tree ornaments, we have enough stuff to completely cover a dining room table that seats 12. A bit scary, no?

It was only Anders that woke me up in the middle of the night to go play hockey-bockey. They won again, so he's playing right now at the 3rd round. I'm not sure how many games are left if they win this one. It would be nice if they win though, as they've been struggling all season. For those of you who are wondering just what the hell hockey-bockey's very similar to hockey, only played with shorter, slightly curved sticks and an insanely tiny red ball instead of a puck. There's something else to do with the size of the rink or something that is different too, but I can't remember what.

Today is our last day of vacation and I'm glad to be getting back to work, even though I'm betting there won't be a heck of a lot to do this week. At least I'll have 200 million emails to plow through and answer, if nothing else.

I'm boring even myself with this entry. More later when the scintillation comes back on.
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Hahaha....not knowing what "hockey bockey" was, I first assumed that your husband woke you up in the middle of the night to fool around!

Now that I know it's a sport he's playing, I'm wondering...why is he doing it in the middle of the night?

LOL! They were having an elimination tournament and that's the only time they can get ice-time at the rinks: late late at night and early morning. They lost the 10:30 game however (on penalty shots, bummer) so his team is out of the tournament now.

Awww...too bad they're out of the tournament.

I remember the hockey team in high school always had practices at unreasonable times...4:00 in the morning and stuff like that. I wonder who's using the all the ice in the world during the days and evenings!

Åh, Hocky-Bocky! Det spelade mina brorsor också, jag visste inte att man fortfarande spelade det! Jag trodde innebandy hade tagit över...
Att mjukstarta året på jobbet med att ha litet att göra är väl inte så dumt?

It's quite alive and well, down here at least. :) Anders plays on 2 teams, plus hockey on the weekends. I know a lot of innebandy fiends as well, though.

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