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Oy! That's what you get, I suppose, when you get back to work and regular routines. Suddenly, 2 weeks have whipped by and you haven't written a thing.

I've been busy, both with work and stuff at home, and a lot of work for the AIC, as well, as we're in the beginning of the season, starting to plan the first in-person events in over a year, and preparing for the Annual meeting and board elections. I've been busy contacting members, finding out who is planning to continue and deactivating those who have left or don't want to renew, as well as calling new registrants and getting them activated. I've done a new PPT template for the annual meeting with our new colors/logo and put together the year-in-review. Today we filled the last empty nomination slot for the board and I'm excited that we'll have a good board again for next year. All but two are continuing, and the two new volunteers will be good ones, I think.

Today was spent doing laundry and cleaning house, specifically in Martin's room, getting in cleaned up, rearranged and organized. Anders is putting up a new blind for his window, and I've repotted a plant for his window, to make it homey. He leaves North Carolina on Tuesday and arrives here on Wednesday, after a 6-hour layover in London. Here's hoping that there are no issues since he'll have his vaccination proof and a rapid COVID test before leaving.

We pick up our new car the same day. We're getting a brand new Tesla. Finally, an electric car after wanting one for several years. The timing and our finances were in the right place. It's electric blue. Hoping Martin doesn't feel like his arrival home isn't overshadowed by the new car, haha!


Today is the 20th anniversary of 9/11. I've written about my feelings regarding the horrible events of that day before, and I don't really feel like going into any further details about what I think or feel or remember about that day. My social media feed is full of people writing about where they were, what they were doing, and what they experienced, and I find myself skimming past all of it in discomfort. It's not that I think we should forget, or not talk about it, or that it's not relevant, but for me at least, a great deal of what seems wrong with America today, started then, 20 years ago. I don't know that it will ever be made right, or even if it can, even after all this time. It seems wrong to dwell on it, that's all.


I've been writing a list of good things from each day on Facebook. It's gotten to be a bit of an obsession and I find myself thinking "ooh, have to remember this" quite a lot during the day, and sometimes even jotting things down in my notes app so I don't forget. I worry that it's pretty banal: good food I ate that day, what the weather is doing, the fact that I went for a walk... but hey, those ARE my good things, so they make the cut. Your good things list might look much more exciting or diverse or whatever, but no one else (despite their encouragement of mine) seems to have picked up the idea and run with it. I figure I'll do it for a year, unless something changes, and see how I feel at the end of it. :) Keeping a list of good things has made me feel better about things in general, so maybe I'll do it forever, who knows?
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