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Today is the autumnal solstice. It's been a week of really cold temps, steady winds, rain, and cloud cover, but today was lovely. Warm and sunny and just what I needed. Today's the last day this week working from home, and my shoulders are up around my ears. Work is intense as always and we're already feeling the fall crunch and that's before we've really gotten started on monster project season.

Last night, I prepped dinner, chopping all the veggies, pressing garlic and setting the table. Anders was out in the garage getting Karin's car prepped as he was going out again after we ate to fix her exhaust system, which had rusted through and fallen down. He came in and cooked the actual meal (which he likes doing, and I don't): lemony salmon pasta with onion, zucchini and carrots. It was absolutely delicious. We had enough leftover for 2 lunches, one for him and one for Martin and I to split today, which we did. It's nice to have someone at home to eat lunch with, even if it means I can't read while I eat. :)

After I shut down for the day, Martin and I went for a speed walk around the village, doing 1.5K. Then I drove to Sandby, dropped him off at the bus station and went to the grocery store. He's in Lund, seeing a couple of friends tonight, but we're picking him up again around 9:30. He'll be home alone tomorrow and Friday as I'm in the office, and again the first three days of next week, before I rotate back to working from home.

We had an email from upper management and HR today informing everyone that with restrictions lifting they are hoping to be able to allow everyone to work 100% back in the office as of the end of the year, but that the transition and the flexibility going forward will be up to our individual managers. I was very glad to see that they seem to be taking into consideration the fact that a lot of us WANT to continue rotating in some fashion and being able to work from home when and if we want or need to. I definitely find a lot of good things in being able to work from home some days of the week, and hope to continue to doing so. The 2/3-3/2 schedule works really well for me. We'll see how it actually turns out. My manager has also heard from a lot of us that we feel the same, so I'm hopeful flexibility will rule the day.

Hard to believe it is already nearing the end of September and that fall is officially here. We have our annual AIC meeting on Tuesday next week, along with board elections, and it's our first in-person meeting since February 2020. Almost 2 full years. Crazy. It will actually be a hybrid event, as we want to continue to offer an online option for those who can't or don't feel comfortable attending in person.

Despite everything, this year is passing quickly. Maybe because so much of it has been the same, day after day. Maybe just because all the years pass quickly when you get to my age.
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