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I guess I am not the only one not blogging. I just went back through my friends feed for the past several weeks and only a small handful of posts were actual, written, blog posts from friends. All the rest were feeds from art blogs, comic strips I used to read, and Post Secret. I suppose that means that no one is reading either, so I shouldn't feel too guilty about my lack of posting, but I mostly feel guilty for myself. How am I supposed to fill up a year with memories if I keep forgetting to write about them?

We've had a couple of days blue skies, sunshine and cold temps after about a week of rain. The sunshine was much appreciated. Martin and I went to Skrylle Nature Reserve yesterday and walked the 5K trail. We had an excellent conversation about trees and TV series, among other things. Walking with my kids is a blessing. I'm so glad that they are willing to accompany me! Fall is in full swing here with all the leaves turning colors and the ground carpeted with yellow, brown, orange and red. The spiders are trying to come indoors. And the sun is going down by 4 in the afternoon, which means I'm going to have to be transitioning to walking on the treadmill inside much sooner than I would like.

Anders dug up the last of the potatoes yesterday and today we put away the deck furniture and I binned the dead tomato plants (the last of the garden, as Martin and I had cleaned up everything else a couple of weeks ago). It's Halloween in a week, and we have 2 pumpkins to carve before Sunday. We haven't gotten any notice that the neighborhood is going to organize trick-or-treating this year, but I hope they will. I need to go buy candy too, I guess, just in case. Last year, everything was cancelled due to the pandemic, but this year, I think it should be okay.

I have a busy week ahead, as I have 4 evenings with things going on and 3 of them are in Malmö after work. Lots of driving in rush hour traffic, ugh! Tomorrow is the AIC meeting, and we have a good guest speaker lined up and lots of people signed up to attend, both in person and on Zoom. Tuesday I'm getting my hair done and Thursday I have a massage. Finally, on Friday, we are going to an AIC adult Halloween get-together, for which I both need to make something to bring, and find costumes for Anders and myself from the costume bag in the front hall closet. No clue what I can pull out of there! And having so much on this week means not much time for deciding what to make, especially since I probably have to also go to the store to buy ingredients: cookies? a cake? an appetizer? GAAH!

I'm also only working from home tomorrow and then have 4 days scheduled in the office. My entire team was sick with colds (not COVID) one after the other last week, and Karin (whom we haven't seen in close to 2 weeks) was also sick. I haven't been sick in nearly 2 years now, and I really don't want to catch something. Even if it's just a cold. No thank you!

Martin will be spending 9 days in Lund apartment-sitting for a friend, starting Tuesday, and plans to be out canvassing for jobs in town as much as possible. Despite the fact that we keep hearing on the news and reading on social media that restaurants, hotels, and such are crying out for help, he has had zero response to any of the applications he's placed in the last month and a half. Aggravating. I hope something comes up soon, as I really don't want him to lose motivation. At least we have gotten his drivers permit and will be redoing the driving course that allows us to practice drive with him again. As soon as we've done that, we can get him officially enrolled with driving lessons, so other things are moving in the right direction at least!

It's getting dark now, and I need to go figure out something for dinner. Anders is in Lund watching Karin's soccer game, so it's just Martin and I. Toodle-oo!
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