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I just cleaned out my closet and I deserve a medal. A big, shiny, ruthless medal for 5, count 'em, FIVE big giant paper bags of clothes to give away, 2 bags to the trash and 1 bag to the laundry to decide later. I still have to go through slacks, but man, I made a dent in the pick-from-six-different-sizes mess that was my closet. I went through the kid's clothes, too, except for outerwear, for an additional 3 big bags.

AND I'm putting away Xmas decorations. Anyone need things thrown out or organized or tidied away, I'm your girl! Packrats Anonymous is having me in for a you-can-do-it motivational speech tomorrow.

Anders just made pizza from scratch and we all decorated our respective corners. Everyone has the tomato sauce (also homemade), mushrooms, ham and cheese. Martin has shrimp on top. Anders has shrimp and black olives on top. I have artichoke bottoms. Karin declined the extras. :) It's in the oven, seasoning the house with a delicious aroma of garlic, tomato and bread. YUM!

Oh! And it's SNOWING!!

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