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Dang, this month is getting away from me. It's the weekend again and I've been thinking that I need to get a post written so here I am. This morning I woke up slowly, from very complicated, weird, but interesting dreams that of course I can no longer remember. It's nice to wake up with a nice feeling like you were in the middle of a good story dream, even if it evaporates all too quickly. I wouldn't tell you what it was even if I could remember it, because I believe dreams are of zero interest to anyone but the dreamer.

After I got up and moving, I wrote a very long to-do list (also only of interest to me, but I figure since no one is reading or commenting here anymore, that I am essentially talking to myself anyway, and since my to-do list is of interest to me, if you happen to pop by, you'll just have to suffer). It had things on it that really for Anders to do. The reason they are on my to-do list is because I have to TELL him they need to be done. At which point he gives me the hairy eyeball, because he has his own agenda and doesn't really appreciate me adding things to it.

I had 3 major things to get done this weekend: baking cookies, walking the November 5K, and getting the advent lights out and into the windows. It's early for all three of those things but next weekend is our Friendsgiving, and the cookie exchange is Nov 30 which is also the end of November, so I was running out of time again for the 5K.

Martin has a paying gig tonight, he's helping serve and handle dishes for a friend's Thanksgiving dinner. But he helped me bring in all the Christmas boxes and the advent lights, and I got half of them set up in the windows. Then he and I went and walked the 5K, all around the village. The sky was actually blue over us when we left the house, but by the time we were done it was back to solid cloud cover and I was starting a blister on my heel. But it's done!

And after dinner, I baked cookies. I made Lacy Crisps which is an old Pangborn family recipe that we all love. I used to hate making them because they stick so badly and are hard to remove from even a well-greased baking sheet, but baking paper makes all the difference! The only weird thing was that they didn't spread as much as they are supposed to. So they taste great and they are crispy, but they're not very lacy. I don't know if it's because the butter here is so different from the butter in the US, but I couldn't figure out what the deal was. Doesn't matter, they taste perfect. Anders and I each ate 3 already! :D Nom nom nom

The best news was that this morning one of the restaurants Martin has applied twice to called him with a trial job offer. He's going in to work on Wednesday and if all goes well and both he and they are satisfied, they'll give him a job. YAY!!!! He was started to get very depressed about the lack of response for his job hunt, so this is perfect timing and great news.

It's 10:30 pm and I spent an hour on the phone with my sister, and got all the Christmas presents for my mom ordered, and still have laundry in the dryer and some other things I wanted to do tonight, so no real myskväll for me. But getting all these things done has given me a real energy boost and I'm feeling very upbeat about my weekend!
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