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This was me, last night, and sort of this morning too. Not sure why as there isn't any real reason for me to be crabby, so I suspect it's PMS. Damn you, Biology! I went grocery shopping after work, something I haven't done for over a week (except the regular emergency runs for milk and bread), and the lines were long and slow, which is probably what started it. And there weren't any of my favorite Chicky World Cordon Bleus in the freezer section. And the bill was really high. sigh

Then I came home and fixed dinner for the kids, and put laundry in and emptied the dishwasher and downloaded documents from the Embassy site to start the process of renewing my passport and began taking down the Xmas tree ornaments (a week-long job at the very least at the pace I'm currently setting) and realized that every time I cross something off my to-do list, I have to add 3 things that crop up. I had a bad case of the onlies, too, which is what I once told my sister she had when she was complaining about the very same kinds of thing: I'm the ONLY one who ever does laundry and the ONLY one that thinks to stop and buy milk on the way home and the ONLY one that keeps track of when various nieces and nephews need birthday presents, only none of that is really true*, it's only me feeling sorry for myself. Anders cheered me up a little bit when we went to bed by snuggling and asking me what was wrong which was gratifying because someone NOTICED, and when I told him all this and the part about the to-do list, he said, "but well, that's life, isn't it?" And it's not that I WANT the to-do list of life to end, because that would mean I was dead, but sometimes I'd like to get one of my little ones completely crossed off before I have to start adding more items to a new one.

And incidentally, why are they called BULLET POINTS? Why not flyspecks? or polka-dots? or just unordered like HTML specifies? Bullet points seem so violent for a list, somehow. Google was no help here.

Maybe it's all just because I AM taking down the Christmas tree which is pale and droopy and half-dressed and that always makes me sad.

*except the birthday present thing, that really is true.


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