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I've just had one of the worst evenings ever with Karin. So bad that I left the house in tears and walked around the neighborhood twice and then sat on the porch and cried. I'm at a complete loss.


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thanks, I needed that. :)


I wanted to write something else to convey the positive thoughts but I couldn't think of anything more original, sorry about that. :)

that's alright, hugs will do. thank you.

I am so sorry you had such a bad time. Somedays being a parent just plain sucks and those are the days we need to search the memories for happy times. Hopefully things will be better once she is back into the school routine. *big hugs*

My mom said the same thing, and that Karin needs the most love when she is being the most unlovable, and when it's the hardest to show her that love. argh! Thanks for the positive message!!

Send her here. My wife wants another one.

And take care of yourself.

This was the only thing that made me genuinely laugh last night. and stop tempting me.

Oh poor you!! Hope things were better in the morning. How old is Karin?

4.5 going on 16

I'm sending lots of good thoughts.

thank you, I definitely need them. :S

sorry you're having a hard time :( *hugs*

Me too, I feel like it never ends with this kid, sigh. :/

Eftersom hon är som hon är nu, kommer hon förmodligen bli en underbar tonåring.

I'm trying to keep that thought in mind. Thanks :)

Oh gosh Liz, I'm so sorry that you're going through such a rough time with her. Hopefully she'll fall into a pattern soon and be able to sleep better/easier. ((hugs))

Thanks Marie. It wasn't just the sleeping problem this time, it was that she decided that she wasn't go to do ANYTHING that we asked/required of her, and fought like a maniac to prove her point. She's the most STUBBORN kid. argh.

I know you've said before, but how old is she again?

*makes you a chocolate malt shake and hands you a 3 Musketeer*


Now THAT I could have definitely used last night...or even today. :) thanks!

I'm so sorry. Try and keep the faith. My daughter was/is quite the handful but it does get better...

I'm trying, really! :) thank you

As little as that may help right now, it will get better.
Hope it's soon :)

I keep telling myself that, in order to stop myself from beating her silly. :) Thanks for the note.

Hope it gets better. *hug*

Me, too. argh argh
Thanks :S

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