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When the Modern Library published its list of the top 100 20th century English-language novels, Feminista.com was outraged that the list, compiled by a panel of NINE men and ONE woman, included 92 works by men, and 8 by women. So they made their own list:

100 Great 20th Century English-language Works of Fiction by Women

I've got some reading to do. As usual. :)

(thanks to ricecricket for posting this in alphabet_soup!)


Upon hearing that Joan Aiken passed away recently and reading several LJ journals praise of her work, I realized that I might somehow have made it through my childhood without reading any of her books, and especially her best-known, The Wolves of Willoughby Chase. I plan to rectify this pathetic oversight quickly. However, upon further reflection, I realized I had indeed read something by her, and that one of her collections of short stories was one I read as an adolescent and the images it gave me were so powerful that I hunted it down and found it again as an adult: A Necklace of Raindrops. I've probably read other books by her in my mad library-fiend days, but none that stuck out quite so much. Now I'm off to re-read and regress. :)
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