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I can no longer resist the call of the crowd, the longing for the leap. I've achieved lemminghood. I'm creating an Amazon wishlist.

Happy dance for packages: 3 books came today, thanks Mom! I'm almost done with my current read, so this was perfect timing.

They're going to televise the trial of Anna Lindh's murderer on Swedish TV. They've been airing commercials for it all evening, like it was a newly released prime-time reality show. This bothers me. Quite a lot.

Yesterday evening, before we went to bed, I caught a few minutes of some documentary on TV that was featuring eXtreme body artists. The couple that was being interviewed had full-body tattoos and multiple piercings. The man had implanted two small cones under the skin of his scalp to look like horns. The tattoo covering his torso and limbs (still in progress) was a blue jigsaw puzzle. His girl had huge black zigzaggy tiger stripes over her entire body (also still in progress), her face, and was in the process of shaving her head and getting her skull tattooed as well. The stripes went right up under her eyes, so she had to have the skin around the underside of her eyes tattooed. OW It was hideous. Just unbelievable. Anders said one of the people they showed before I came in had had his tongue split to make it forked, like a snake's. People are so so strange. I don't even have pierced ears (virgin lobes!), which I'm sure they would have found equally bizarre.
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I saw a similar program where a guy was so taken with the idea of big cats that he had had his facial bone structure altered, the shape of his eyes changes, his nose flattened and broadened, his upper lip split to create a hare-lip type effect and implants in his upper lip area so he could attach nylon whiskers. He was also having his whole face tattooed in a tiger pattern. Not only are THEY bizarre, but I have a real strong problem with the doctors who will take money to do this kind of thing. Here I thought I was kind of "out there" with my three tatts.

eek! THREE tattoos?! You freak! hahahahah!! Nylon whiskers. Don't you think those would itch like hell? Did he lick himself all over to get clean, too? Use a cat box? Hmmm...I can see where this is going. I'll stop now.

Well, since it was a guy, I was kind of hoping to see him back up to something and spray, but I guess they didn't have time for that part.

RumsJanne tells me that it will only be audio (The Anna Lindh murder trial, that is.) because live video footage in the courtroom is outlawed here. So there might be courtroom sketches to go along with the audio feed, but that's it.

I initially thought, oh, how American of them. I wonder if I'm becoming too Swedish. ;)

As for the documentary...what I don't get is why these tattooed and physically changed people are all whiny after the fact about people staring at them. What did they expect would happen? I guess each to his own, but if they didn't want to get stared at, they should have stayed the way they were. Sheesh!

I'm glad to hear that (about the audio-only). I was feeling the same way, "Ugh, how American."

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