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Everything is flocked in sparkling white velvet. The smack of wet, sudden splotches on the windshield immediately swiped away, and repeat. Snow hyperspaces and dazzles. The slither and crunch of well-mixed packsnow rattles in the wheel wells. Sliding rubber grabs and fails, clutching only at my panicked heart. Recover, and drive on in the wet, woolly, pillowfought world.

The half hour slow slide from our house to the nearest exit where I could turn around and retreat, which usually takes 7 minutes, convinced me that driving to Malmö in a blizzard for dinner qualified as a bad idea. Even in a Volvo, Safest Car On The Planet.

An hour after I returned home, thinking, "I didn't want to go anyway," the snow stopped and the meltdown has already begun. Anders left at 9 to play hockey. I am completely unmotivated to tackle any of the items on my to-do list and am reading Tales From Earthsea by Ursula K. LeGuin instead.
mood: tired
music: Guadalcanal Diary—Always Saturday


Pillowfought world! What an EXCELLENT expression! I might have to add a snow scene to my book just to steal that!

only if you credit me in the acknowledgements page. Or alternately, name your first child after me.


I love your word imagery- I too fought the pillow world today- although you had much more wonderful giant flakes than mine. It is coming down so much now that I can barely see my road from my window! Maybe that's because the snow is deep and everything is white- must be 4 inches already -and that on top of the 4-5 we already had! Another beautiful winter day in Michigan. Wish you were here to enjoy! Watched the little kids across the street sledding down onto the frozen pond a couple days ago- such joy! M.

I wish we were there, too, Mom!!!

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