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I can't decide if the perpetual chill in my body is a sign of impending age, poor circulation or a problem with the heating system. No one seems to be as cold as I am in my own house. The children run around barefoot and one can practically see the heatwaves of mirage arising from their little furnace torsos. I've always liked the cold, welcomed it, hated being too hot. You can always put on another layer when it's cold, but when it's hot there's only so much you can take off and your skin won't peel away to bring a touch of breeze to your sweating bones.

There's snow on the ground but not on the roof, indicating that too much heat is escaping through the ceiling. Anders doesn't seem to take my complaints seriously, since he is the one that gave the furnace gene to his children. It's weird having our roles reversed. Since we met, I've been the one to open windows, run a fan, turn down the thermostat. Now I huddle under two thick comforters, type with gloves on, and consider wearing socks to bed. Anathema!

My understanding for why the elderly migrate south is expanding on a personal level. I'm still young, dammit! Young-ish. Too young to feel this creaky and chilled. I need to redouble my search efforts for a cat that can live with us. A furry warm body on my toes sounds like just what the doctor ordered. I wish the Siberian Cat breeders would move south (or north and meet in the middle) so we could find out if Anders is allergic to them or not.

I am loving my re-visit to Earthsea and wishing it wasn't nearly time to go home. It wasn't that long ago I was there, in the middle of The Other Wind, and these short stories are wonderful. There is something about the way Le Guin writes that makes my brain slow down and savor phrasing. Savor thinking. Savor magic. I wonder what it's like to create a world, populate it, give it language, history, culture. Do writers think of characters and then create the world around them? Or is it the other way around? The world bringing the people to life. Perhaps they go hand in hand, like lovers.
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I think you are another of my long-lost sisters, based on this quote: "You can always put on another layer when it's cold, but when it's hot there's only so much you can take off and your skin won't peel away to bring a touch of breeze to your sweating bones."

That is *exactly* how I feel! And I can never wear socks in bed - I may start out with them if it's really, really, really, really cold, but inevitably my own inner furnace (sometimes feels like a nuclear core!) kicks on and I have to fling them off in the middle of the night.

And you're re-reading the Earthsea series! Ged is my second-favorite wizard, after Gandalf, of course. Wizard of Earthsea is the first book I think of when I get kids asking what they can read besides Harry Potter. Le Guin is someone I'd love to meet, and she's very active in her library system in Portland... The only problem is, I'm all the way across the country!

What a nice thing to say! I love finding kindred spirits! :) I never wear socks in bed either or fling them off in a frenzy of overheatedness, as you say, and I usually end up with one or both feet sticking out as well as my arms by morning.

I was sitting here thinking after reading your comment, and I simply can't, for the life of me, remember whether I read Le Guin or Tolkien first. I think they must have been awfully close together chronologically. I'd have to say that it's pretty much a tie, if I had to say which was my favorite wizard. In fact, it's 3-way with Chrestomanci.

And are you a librarian?! My secret dream job :) I'd love to have kids ask me what they can read besides HP, I have a whole list just ready to hand them! All the way across the country, poo, that's what airplanes are for. Oregon is lovely, (it's where I want to move when we retire) and I highly recommend a vacation in the Willamette River Valley for you and a trip to Portland :)

Yes, despite lingering fears of Monsters Under the Bed, some of my extremities still manage to find a way out of the covers by morning!

I know I read Tolkien first, and I was actually quite "old" when I read him - 22... An ex-boyfriend and still-friend had The Map on his bedroom wall, right next to his bed... I can still picture it... In fact, the name I prefer to use online (but couldn't get on LJ cause someone actually had it) is one I made up using the Guide to Tolkien's languages: Aldalin. It means Tree-song.

And I didn't read Le Guin until a couple of years ago... I don't know why, but I was always daunted by fantasy when I was a kid... All those maps and glossaries and other worlds - I had enough trouble understanding the one I was in! I still have a reticence towards series I perceive as "overly complicated," such as the much-lauded Wheel of Time series. I've tried to get into, but something about it just doesn't click with me...

It's rare for me to find a book now that really becomes part of my internal map - that reshapes the way I view this world. It's like seeing through a lens, I guess... My own private religion...

Oh, and if you like books on tape, and you can get your hands on it, I *highly* recommend listening to A Wizard of Earthsea. It's read by Harlan Ellison and he does an amazing job... really gets into the chracters...

Yes, I'm a librarian at a public library that is so packed with characters, from patrons to staff, that it belongs on a reality TV show!

One day I'll drag The Boy out West and I'm sure he'll fall in love with the place... I always see such cool things going on at Multnomah County Library (Portland's county) that I get jealous! Sean Astin came there and helped them start a garden!!! How freaking cool is that!?! Ugh! *jealous pangs* *jealous pangs*


I've never been able to get into the Wheel of Time series either. I read the first book, and thought, "yeah? so?" I've read A LOT of fantasy fiction and frankly, it just seemed like a bad Tolkien-wannabe to me. I'll probably get jumped all over for that, since I know there are a lot of rabid fans out there, but I think there are many, many other fantasy series that are WAY better.

My dad had all the Tolkien books in the house by the time I was old enough to read, and several of the posters, including that map. I wish I still had that map!! I DO have a travel poster though, the original cover of the book that says "Come to Middle Earth." It's not in great condition as I didn't treat it well with thumbtacks and many, many moves, but it's framed now and hanging in the play room. :) It makes me happy every time I look at it.

Maybe you're just having some low blood pressure problems? I've had it all my life and have done the bed socks things for years, have quite a collection.

Hmmm...I never thought of that. But my blood pressure has ALWAYS been totally normal, so it would surprise me quite a bit to find it was the case.

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