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Stayed up super late, but crossed a major to-do off my list. Slept in until I woke naturally this morning, talked with a couple of good friends on the phone while snuggled under the covers and then got up when I damn well felt like it. :)

Laundry and dishes are being washed and I plan to putz around the house at my own pace, work a bit, cross some more things off, stop and read, listen to MY music as loud as I like. Tonight is Thai food with the AWC, a fun group of people are signed up. The sun was shining through the snow a bit ago, which has now stopped.

If only my personal masseuse would make an appearance or perhaps those half-naked gentlemen that fan one gently with palm fronds while you lounge about with books and bon-bons. They alway seem to be peeling grapes for people though, which I never quite understood. Why would you want the grapes PEELED?


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