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Not very strangely, I don't want to work on projects at work (even though I have a couple of fun ones). I want to write things and play on LJ and work on Mosaic Minds and my AWC site and my family website. Work just gets in the way, darn it. When we first moved to Sweden, I figured I'd study Swedish for six months or so and then start looking for a job. Because I got pregnant right away, things didn't work out quite as planned and I ended up being home for 3 years, which by the end was torture. I LONGED to get back to work, and was delighted when I found my job.

However, during those three years, I wasn't doing so much outside of my family, pregnancies, babies.

Now I have full-time work, another practically full-time "job" with the AWC, a gig with FAWCO, a gig with Mosaic Minds and lots of other projects going on, and there's still my family and house to think of. I'm not complaining, quite the contrary, I'm GLAD I have so much to occupy my time with, it's just that sometimes I want to do the FUN stuff (okay, I admit I ALWAYS want to do the fun stuff) instead of the work I'm being paid to do. Especially when said work has not been so fun for a long time. And I wish there were more hours in the day, while I'm at it.

It stormed last night, blowing and whistling in the kitchen vent, which kept making me jump, thinking someone had come in the house. That's the only drawback to being alone in the house at night. If we had a cat or dog, I would actually relax, because I would have that other presence, and something to blame noises on. It made for a restless night and everytime I woke enough to look out the window there was snow blowing and trees whipping back and forth.

It's back to greyness with the added entertainment of driving in slush. My brisk walk yesterday turned out to be an hour long, and I was only slowed down by some major patches of ice on shaded pathways. I plan to try and walk for at least half an hour each day. If I do it right after I get home, even if it's just a couple of quick turns around the neighborhood, I'll feel motivated and happy.

I'm reading Enchantment by Orson Scott Card. It's incredible. First, a jump back inside a 9th-century Russian fairytale complete with the Winter Bear and Baba Yaga, and now, after half the book, reversed fish-out-of-water into modern-day Russia and America.

And finally, I'd like to welcome one of my very best friends to LJ, hi cap_killer!! Hooray, you made it! :)
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