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So far, this has been an EXCELLENT day :) The sun is shining (that's for my brother who claims I whine about the weather too much), I slept very well, and I've had fun projects to do at work. I finished a wrap-around design for a coffee mug and sent it off this morning and now I'm working on the cover for a notebook/notepad for us to use at events. I need to do some new banner ads, too, so this is a very creative day at work. Yesterday I finished the design layouts for a series of 4 posters. I still have a sticker to do as well. Fun!

Thanks to a tip from same_sky, I now have a web host and my own domain name, which was one of the things on my Christmas wish list! Thanks, Kisha! I'm working madly on getting it all set up, with the inestimable help of my friend Russell.

Did I mention the sun was shining?

Went to an AWC lunch today in downtown Lund at an excellent (the word for the day, apparently) restaurant called Spot. They have a huge, varied buffet of delicious items that you can choose from and then they weigh your plate. Even with it heaped, it was relatively inexpensive, and SO good. Yum, salmon! After having 3 people call me beforehand to say they were running late, I was a little worried, but several people showed up who weren't on the signup list and we ended up with a total of 10 people, all of them super nice and fun to talk to. I was the only one that had to leave early to get back to work, though, and I would have loved to have stayed to talk.

I received a submission yesterday from a new arrival to Sweden for the AWC Malmö logo contest, and it is very cool. I've done a couple of ideas up as well, but was really glad to get someone else's contribution. I don't want to be the only one submitting! If anyone out there is or knows an artist who wants to send in a design, let me know! Unfortunately, we can't pay anyone except with credit on our website, but hopefully that will be enough. I hate the old logo even though it was my design. It was the worst of the several suggestions I drew up when we started the club and the founder insisted on using it against my protests because she wanted an American flag in it.

In addition to the SUN SHINING, I had a massage this morning which was, as usual, lovely. I also found out that my masseuse, in addition to playing on a basketball league, also owns a racehorse, born and bred in the U.S., which he had brought over several years ago. The horse's name is Cadillac Jukebox, which cracked me up.

Also, did you know that Eeyore has a fish named after him? An Australian fish, no less. And the list of species that are named after characters from Tolkien's Middle-Earth is staggering.
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I don't believe you about that fish! I did a net search (no, not THAT kind of net or even THIS kind of net) and came up fishless. So com on - proof needed!

What, you think I make this stuff UP!? hahaha! I wish. :) It's on the same page as the Tolkien list, just scroll up a bit to the top of the fictional characters section.

should have said scroll DOWN a bit, not up. (if you click on that link)


You were right! I even looked at independent "official" sites that listed the name and why it was called that.

I'll just go crawl back into my cave....


Of COURSE I was right. I can't believe there was ever doubt in your mind. :P

That list of names from Tolkien is the best thing I've ever seen on the Internet!!! I can't get over it! That Van Valen guy was a huge fan - I bet Tolkien would have been tickled by all that... moreso that the "hippy counterculture" that he found disappointing!

Actually, THIS is the best thing I've ever seen on the internet. :P

Okay, that's fantastic! That needs to be on a timer on my computer, so it'll pop up when I've been sitting in front of the computer for too long!

Oh I adore salmon and you just reminded me of a place here that has a buffet like that... I'm taking myself there tomorrow!

I want to get a massage but at 48 and overweight, I've hesitated....

Oh! don't hesitate! It will do you a world of good! EVERYONE gets massages and professionals are used to all body types. I'm on the wrong side of the scales myself and it's never been an issue. It's SO worth it!! :)

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