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The sky is a perfect robin's-egg blue. Sunshine so sharp you can get paper cuts on your eyes if you're not careful. And cold, man is it COLD.

Looking forward to: sushi, bookfiend chatting, choir

I have to stop playing around on LJ when I'm supposed to be working.

John and Simone made and gave me a bag of beans for Christmas. That sounds so funny! But it's the kind of bag that you put in the microwave or freezer to help with various aches and pains. Yesterday, I nuked that sucker on high and then draped it over my cold blue curled paws. Then I rested it on my feet while I was working at the computer. Then I stuck it under the covers to warm up the bed. The best thing is that when you heat it up it smells like fresh bread.

The kids called last night, and apparently all's well in the snowy north, although Anders said Karin has been having a crisis of confidence and not wanting to go to ski school the first 2 days. It went better yesterday though, and he's hopeful she'll be fine the rest of the week. They all sound like they're having fun. :) It's so funny talking to the kids on the phone. Most of the talking is on my side, because otherwise they just sit there and don't say anything. You have to ask direct questions to get them started and keep them going. But still, most of their contribution to the conversation goes thusly: "yes. yes. no. yes. yes. yes. watching TV. yes. okay. I love you. Hej då!"
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LOL, that is the exact conversation I hear at this end when LL is talking to family in Canada, except he says bye bye to them. *laugh*

It is crisp and clear here as well. I have been cleaning closets but I need to bundle up now and take out the dog. Then I might need to borrow your beans. *laugh*

I know! It SO cracks me up. It's what I hear when they're talking to my family, too, including the bye bye. I loves my beanies! :) :)

Those bean pillows are wonderful, except I don't have a microwave. It was -15 up here when I got up this morning, but now it's warmed up to only -13 so I'm going to go dig out my bikini.

you don't have a microwave? How very um...medieval...of you. :P Brrr!! Colder there than here, and it's COLD. ow

We don't have a microwave, either. Never had much of a need.

Isn't it? -15 is 5F and yes, that's damned cold. We just walked to the lake and back.

aww. i feel for your daughter.

i had the same experience when i went away with my sister and father for a skiing trip. i knew how to ski but felt very unsure of myself so i refused to go. she will get better, prolly misses her mommy and home.

maybe start her off slow and work from there.

glad you are enjoying your "alone" time! :)

She's been doing this for a little while, most notably with skating classes 2 weeks ago. Mostly because she wants Anders to be out there with her. It's unusual for her, because she's usually our charge-ahead kid, but not really unusual for a child her age. I'm SO enjoying my alone time, but it's going so quickly! :)

I had the same conversations with my kids when they were in their late teens. Once, when I was in Paris for a conference, my son rang to ask me where his soccer top is kept. Did he think to look in his closet? Nope, it was easier to put in that international call! Later when I rang them all I got was "What do you want?" and the "yes, yes, no, dunno" answers. I'd ask how the weather was and my 18 year old son replied "I don't know. It's night." In other words - just go away!

LOL! so now I know what I have to look forward to, in other words, more of the same. Although I know my phone conversations with my mom have never been on this level. :) Maybe it helps if they're not watching TV while on the phone, since I could tell that the attention span was certainly not on ME! haha

Sunshine so sharp you can get paper cuts on your eyes if you're not careful.

OW! Ow! *wince* How is it that you know the exact thing that's gonna make me react? You must've psychicly knew that I'd papercut two of my knuckles this morning (4 cuts total) on an envelope! *ow*

ow sorry! you had me wincing in sympathy there! what the hell were you DOING to that poor envelope!?

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