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mattcallow makes me homesick TWICE: here and here.

Work was busy but the end of it sucked with a meeting that drained all the fun out of life because stupid opinions and laziness seem to be the most important thing going on these days. :(

Sushi sushi sushi lifted my spirits afterwards, however, as did nearly two hours of cozy chatting with Camilla and Emily, before heading to choir practice where we sang two of my favorite songs *bounce* !!

It is so cold outside that paint is peeling off surfaces. Walking into the wind feels like razorblades are attacking every bit of exposed skin. It's minus 11 celsius right now, and I'm sure those of you up north are snickering at the southern wimp, just like we used to do in Chicago when people from Florida complained about the cold. waaah! As my brother would say, "Here comes the Waaahmbulance!"
mood: cold
music: none. just me.

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